Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What I hate about Romania

Asked what I liked about Romania I said everything, but this is not QUITE true. I hate it when Romanians speak U.S. English. I just met the word outage, which apparently means power cut and hate it very much. 

[When I complained I was told that David Cameron used it in the House of Commons. And he the grandson and nephew of two baronets. But he also referred to the Rev. Paul Flowers (the 'Crystal Methodist') in the House as 'the Rev. Flowers.']

I cannot persuade Romanians to say 'film' or 'lift' even though they have these very words in their language. 'Flat' instead of 'apartment' is not worth even mentioning, as the Romanian word is 'apartament', but I am proud that I have taught fourteen Romanians to pronounced the first syllable in 'schedule' as 'shed', telling them that by so doing they will irritate Americans. I was alerted to this idea for harmless fun by Saul Bellow's The Dean's December, in which the first person narrator, stranded in Bucharest as Bellow once was, complains that Romanians use an anachronistic kind of British English and words like 'frightfully'. 

'Frightfully' is a word I like to use from time to time and which should be saved from extinction.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a Romanian currently living abroad. I've read a few posts of your blog and I wish I felt the same about my country as you do (that is, liking so many aspects of it). :-)

    Indeed, Romanians are open and friendly towards foreigners (Romania not being a very touristed country, people are usually curious and enthusiastic about forming relationships with foreigners). So most foreigners feel very welcomed in Romania. I'm not so sure that relationships are of the same quality among Romanians themselves.

    Also, you have an interesting view of life, preferring to live in poorer countries, contenting yourself with little in order to be able to have more freedom in life, to travel and to interact more with people.

    Are you a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a pensioner? You seem like someone who has the maturity and courage to pursue the not-so-well-trodden paths in life, deciding to live a life in which you can enjoy the subtler things of it, and not having to work your heart out in order to pay high rents in expensive places.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes.