Saturday 28 March 2015

Christianity is Middle Eastern, but Christians are being forced out of the Middle East

loved Syria so much that I extended my ticket two times and I visited Maaloula. Maaloula is one of the 5 villages in the world where Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, is still the mother tongue. The fate of the place since I was there is very sad, as described in this
essay which Janine Di Giovanni has written in the current Newsweek.

I love so much the Christian Middle East. I lo
ve how Jewish and how Middle Eastern Christianity is. I want to do my little bit to draw attention to what is happening to Christians in the Middle East.

The story of the elimination of the Christians from the Middle East is tragic. Most people in the Middle East were once Christian and the place would be much happier were they still Christian. Even in 1900 they made up a fifth of the people in the region. As an old (Arab, of course) Greek Orthodox priest told me in Nazareth, Israel and the West Bank are the best places for Christians. Interestingly Christians are making many conversions, especially in Iran, where numbers are growing by 5% a year.

A Syrian Christian friend whom I made when I visited the country years ago and who now lives in Bucharest made this comment on my post.
Christians are being kicked out also in Europe. take France as an example. Ask what happened to the napoleon theatre in Paris. Unfortunately money talks. and it is a sad news also for Muslims not to have Christians among them. They would not be able to show their love to their loved ones in the the Christian neighbouring areas hiding from their families..they would no longer be able to flee extremism that always accompanies the correct practice of the religion. Christians of the Orient never fought nor killed . Unfortunately westerners did fight and do support fighting. they are not as Christian as they claim to be. They should at least treat Assyrians ans Ashourita and Aramites as endangered species. They are a fortune to humanity. They are the source of all your believes. Muslims never attacked alone. Anyway i have a hope that Christians would work as the yeast in the flour anywhere they are... and i still believe that some Muslims are as sad as we are for what is happening to Christians now in the middle east. We should write a book about middle eastern Christian treasures.

The West started the current war in Iraq and by removing Saddam and Gaddafi bears very much of the responsibility for what has happened, though by no means all of it. Westerners are not as Christian as they claim to be? I don't think the West any longer considers that it is Christendom and in thirty years or so it no longer will be, which is incredibly sad. 


  1. "Christians are being kicked out also in Europe. take France as an example. Ask what happened to the napoleon theatre in Paris." What does this statement mean?

    1. Actually I am not at all sure. I imagine she means Muslims are taking over Europe and referring to an incident where opera singers in Paris refused to perform while a Muslim woman in the audience wore a veil.

  2. Christian Arab immigrants tend to intergrate well into the West - Muslim immigrants do not. The difference is not "racial" (as the left pretend when they scream "racist" at people - following the doctrine of scream-so-loud-people-can-not-think as well as "smear and sneer" - the way of modern universities as well as television entertainment shows). The difference is the basic ideas, the principles, people believe in. In the end, contrary Hume and contra Hayek, culture is not mindless - the human "I" does exist. What we believe matters - reason matters. The best part of ourselves - in the endless war (internal war) against "the beast" the creature that is driven by envy and other base passons. And yes I would call the human "I" the soul.

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