Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Death of a poacher

But when he bent him over Jim,
The Honest Keeper’s eyes were dim. 
The Lion having reached his Head,
The Miserable Boy was dead!

An African hunter (a poacher) has been eaten (all save his head) by a lion and Facebook is full of morally disgusting people (with British names) who are rejoicing and cracking jokes. 

No wonder Western civilisation is going to fall into the sea. They are the sort of people who disapprove of shooting big game but don't mind rats being killed with rat poison.

The idea that animal lives are of equal, or for some people, greater value than a man's is very recent, very nasty and very decadent indeed.

This disapproval on Facebook in 2018 of poaching would have surprised that stern, unbending Tory Lord Chancellor Eldon in 1818. Even he only approved of hanging poachers, after due process of law. He didn't think they should be eaten alive by lions. 

The constant use of the word poacher is in fact very significant. It's a parable. The benign state protects lions and obedient people rejoice when a rule breaker is eaten alive.

Most of all it's about the loss of religious faith and therefore loss of respect for humanity who are reduced to the level of animals in people's minds.

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  1. So should lions become extinct because vainglorious hunters want to shoot them with the sole purpose of decorating their walls with lion heads?!