Monday, 30 April 2018

Some good news - Amber Rudd goes

It is right that British Home Secretary (Interior Minister) Miss Rudd resigned. We have moved on a long way from Crichel Down when a cabinet minister resigned because of a mistake by civil servants that he could not possibly have known about. But a minister is responsible for what is done by his department. She should take responsibility for her department's mistakes.

Like the useless Theresa May whom she replaced as Home Secretary, she got where she was because Messrs. Cameron and Osborne (as the great Frank Johnson said, they sound like a firm that makes wallpaper) wanted women in top jobs. 

This is why she was parachuted into the Commons a mere eight years ago. This is so unlike Mrs. Thatcher, who overcame much prejudice because of her sex and still insisted that feminism was poison.

Some elderly and middle aged people from what is misleadingly called 'the Windrush generation' (the first ship that landed in Tilbury with West Indian immigrants was called the Empire Windrush, but the word Empire is always dropped and some of the immigrants in question came twenty-five years later) have been threatened with deportation when they were not knowingly illegal immigrants. They came to England as children when they did not need papers of their own and do not have any. 

This is unacceptable, incompetent and heartless, is a reason why Amber Rudd should go, especially as she was economical with the actualitĂ©, but it should not be used as a reason to forget about genuine illegal immigrants. 

What is important is that many more real illegal immigrants be deported. Targets are for once a good idea. Instead this mess will be used to forget about deportations.

Miss Rudd is a cleverer, prettier version of Theresa May, equally untalented, equally unconservative and equally authoritarian. I hope her idea of sending people to gaol for reading extremist pages on the internet is forgotten as quickly as she is, but I fear we have not heard the last of her or that proposal. I hope Michael Gove replaces her.

The good news is that she will not now replace Theresa May when she in her turn goes, which I hope will be fairly soon.

Who should? 

Michael Gove probably. Theresa May has shown that Brexit needs to be implemented by someone who campaigned for it and believes in it.


  1. Like the useless Theresa May whom she replaced she got where she was because Messrs. Cameron and Osborne (as Frank Johnson said, they sound like a firm that makes wallpaper) wanted women in top jobs.

    Yes, that's a major part of the problem. Women are not held to the same standards of competence or responsibility as men, and more and more our lives are being controlled by incompetent irresponsible women. There is really no reason to have women in senior political positions - they simply aren't up to the job.

    Of course most of our male political leaders are useless as well, but with women leaders you get incompetence combined with a particularly female kind of viciousness.

  2. With this post you get impotence combined with a particularly male kind kind of peevishness.

  3. A bit unfair to make anonymous remarks like that Anonymous, surely?