Wednesday 25 July 2018


"Typical of Hollywood to cast a black actor in a stereotypical role as a slave. Why not 12 Years a Bank Manager?"
Godfrey Elfwick, who has now been banned from Twitter

"Communism is the opiate of the intellectuals."
Clare Boothe Luce

"Everything in the universe relates to the number 5, one way or another, given enough ingenuity on the part of the interpreter."

Principia Discordia or How The West Was Lost With Explanations to Yellow Pages Use in a limited edition of 5 copies in 1965; for years distributed as a humorous "underground classic" of absurdism, it became far more famous after being quoted extensively in The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

"Read no history: nothing but biography, for that is life without theory."
Benjamin Disraeli


  1. For what it's worth:

    Tallest Buildings In Europe

    Name Location Height (m)

    1 Federation Tower Moscow, Russia 373.7
    2 OKO Moscow, Russia 354.1
    3 Mercury City Tower Moscow, Russia 338.8
    4 The Shard London, UK 309.7
    5 Eurasia Moscow, Russia 308.9
    6 CoC: Moscow Tower Moscow, Russia 301.6
    7 Skyland Istanbul 1 Istanbul, Turkey 293.1
    8 Skyland Istanbul 2 Istanbul, Turkey 293.1
    9 Metropol Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey 280
    10 Emaar square Istanbul, Turkey 280

    11 and 12 are also from Moscow.
    The Lakhta Center of Saint Petersburg, Russia will be the tallest building in Europe, with a planned height of 462.5 metres (1,517 ft) upon completion in 2018.

    1. The Lakhta Center is also the second-tallest structure in Russia and Europe, behind Ostankino Tower in Moscow, 540.1m.
      The building was designed by Tony Kettle, UK.
      Main contractor, Rönesans Holding, Turkey.

  2. Being a slave is part of American history. Better to face it than deny it, no?