Thursday, 27 September 2018

'Francis Gay Mafia Bombshell'

This very dismaying article by Rod Dreher links to a speech by disgraced former Cardinal McCarrick discussing how it was hoped that Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) could become Pope and "could remake the Church". 

The speech is very chilling in the light of what we now know. It does seem that there is a so called mafia of homosexual cardinals and cardinals who want to downplay or circumvent the Church's condemnation of homosexual sins. My guess is that Pope Benedict XVI knew that he did not have the strength to battle with these powerful men. He therefore abdicated, thus allowing them to secure the election of the present pope and giving them the opportunity to "remake the Church". Pope Francis may create precedents that will be used for centuries to come. 

Had Pope Benedict XVI remained pope a little longer some of those cardinals would have been too old to vote in the conclave.


  1. The situation is a very sad one. I'm consistently amazed at how Francis continues to blame others (including the devil) for what are clearly the sins of his fellow bishops. He clearly doesn't understand how furious the laity of the USA are and seems to think this will just blow over with time. Not gonna happen.

    Meanwhile, the voice of reform is with the laity, like the folks over at Church Militant:

    1. 'Pope Francis called sex abuse "monstrous" on his return flight from a four-day trip to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on Tuesday.' I am afraid that if the Pope favoured Cardinal McCarrick after hearing the allegations against him his words will be treated as humbug. The Pope's position is only helped by the respect due to his position, which is the very clericalism that he says has caused the child and adolescent abuse.

  2. But we should not despair. For we do see what will get a priest in trouble. Finally, we have a prelate who says, “This is too much!” Liturgical abuses, heresy, immorality—all may be forgiven. Taking liberties with teenage boys—the Greeks did as much. Establishing cabals of sodomites and their friends? Nobody’s perfect. But burning a rainbow flag, now there you’re talking some serious business.

    Professor Esolen