Saturday, 8 September 2018

Miami Vice - Google News reveals a litany (pun intended) of incredible wrong-doing by priests

'Miami priests'. Put these two words into Google News.

You find a story about two priests discovered by police committing an act of gross indecency in a car park.

If that seems incredible, it's nothing compared with the list of stories of rape, molestation and in this case torture that you find if you keep scrolling down. 

The utterly bizarre and horrid tale of Pennsylvania-turned-Florida-turned-Cuban priest George Zirwas has taken an even darker turn this week. More than 15 years ago, New Times published a meticulously reported feature delving into Zirwas' 2001 murder in Havana, where he was injected in the neck with an overdose of muscle relaxant. The story noted that some people claimed he was involved in a child pornography ring and that boys had accused him of molestation. But in 2003, when the story was published, Zirwas' defenders denied the allegations.

But now, an explosive Pennsylvania grand jury report into rampant rape and
pedophilia inside that state's Catholic churches has confirmed the rumors: The report, released earlier this week, outlines how Zirwas and a group of other Pennsylvania priests "used whips, violence, and sadism in raping their victims" and routinely filmed and photographed child pornography with boys on church property.

And all the stories below. Counting quickly, I think all the 90 or 100 stories are scandalous except two - or three if you don't consider a priest being rebuked for making 'islamophobic' remarks on social media to be scandalous.
(CBSMiami/AP) -— A priest raped a 7-year-old girl while he was visiting her in the hospital after she'd had her tonsils removed.

Priest pays back $236,000 he stole from Pompano Beach church, Archdiocese of Miami says

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Priest accused of sex abuse got church’s blessing for a new job — at Disney World

As bishop looked on, abusive ‘Father Ned’ got new assignment

A suburban Chicago Catholic diocese has agreed to pay $1.4 million to settle a lawsuit filed by three men who say they were molested by their priest when they were boys.
The three men, who requested anonymity, say they were repeatedly abused by Father Leonard Mateo of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet between 1980 and 1982. They were all under the age of 11. They made the allegations against Mateo in 2014.

'Men of God' kept it secret as priests systematically abused kids in Pa., grand jury says


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