Saturday, 8 September 2018

Secret Lives of the Vatican’s Homosexual Cardinals

This article, Secret Lives of the Vatican’s Gay Cardinals, Monks, and Other Clergy Members, published in Vanity Fair in 2013, writes sympathetically about homosexual Catholic priests in high places in the Church. If you are interested in reading about this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you will be interested in reading about. Even if you are not it is even more topical now than it was when published.

I quote:
At the Vatican, a significant number of gay prelates and other gay clerics are in positions of great authority. They may not act as a collective but are aware of one another’s existence. And they inhabit a secretive netherworld, because homosexuality is officially condemned. Though the number of gay priests in general, and specifically among the Curia in Rome, is unknown, the proportion is much higher than in the general population.
Here are some very shocking stories from Pope Francis's very unsympathetic biographer Henry Sire, whose book is called Dictator Pope.

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