Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Hans Kung has died

I saw a lot of clicks on this post, 'In a more civilised age Hans Kung would have been burnt' and then discovered the old heresiarch has just died. He was the last living person whose death Evelyn Waugh desired. Instead it was Waugh who died, killed by the Second Vatican Council in 1966 at the untimely age of 62.

Father Kung denied the Incarnation, the Virgin Birth and papal infallibility but Catholic journalists praise him today. Under Pope Paul VI he was allowed to teach at a Catholic university and even under later Popes he was never excommunicated.

He wrote a book which I tried to read called 'Why I am Still a Christian'. A Protestant I know said the title should have expanded with the words 'Even Though I'm Not'.

He said he thought Mahomet was a prophet but that is unlikely to reconcile Muslims to him since he denied the Virgin Birth, which for them as for Christians, but not for him, is an article of faith.

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