Sunday 12 December 2021

Knut Witkowski seems to have been proven right. Slowing the infection means giving variants time to develop and more not fewer deaths.

Knut Witkowski seems to have been right all along.

All attempts to delay the transmission of the Covid virus have simply enabled variants to have time to develop and spread. They develop in three months whereas new vaccines take nine months. This means more people die than had we done nothing except shelter elderly and frail people.

His views are censored on Twitter and Facebook. He makes comments on other people's posts on LinkedIn for fear of censorship there.

In the most recent interview with him I can find, he says Covid is in effect a flu and had it not been identified as a new ILI (Influenza Like Illness) it would have passed through the population quickly and been forgotten by the general public.

Freddy Gray in Unherd on Thursday talking about the new restrictions in England said something I with which completely agree and which horrifies me.

"With this second winter intervention, the principle is being established that lockdowns or lockdowns-light — centralised diktats about the movements of every citizen — are the proper response to new variants or potential pressures on the health service. And we all know there will be new variants that escape vaccines better than Omicron in the future; and new viruses after that.

"We had a chance, this winter, to show Europe and the world that the UK could achieve a better outcome by avoiding pointless and divisive vaccine passports and further lockdown-style measures. That chance was squandered yesterday, and this cynical, superficial Government will eventually pay the price."
As for the story of the press secretary at No 10, Downing St and the illegal office party this is an appalling thing to have happened when the Queen and the great majority of the country, including many people with dying relatives, were observing all the rules. 

True there's a lot of sanctimonious disingenuousness from the BBC and press that hate Boris and want scalps. True the suggestion that his taking part for a few minutes in a virtual quiz at his desk was wrong is absurd. True the rules were silly, true they were all in a 'bubble', but the people in 10 Downing St were making the rules, breaking them and, worst of all, laughing about how to answer a question from the press about it. That's the point.

The Tories will find that people forgive being lied to, but not being taken for fools. 

The visible, undisguised contempt which Remainers feel for Brexiteers did for the opposition parties at the last election.

I thought Dominic Cummings did nothing wrong when he drove his wife to Northumberland that time, but this is different. Office parties, even within your bubble, were indisputably against the rules. 

Allegra Stratton should have not resigned or blubbed but should have told us all about the alleged party and said she only stayed for a moment.

I don't think Boris should resign, but if he did he would have a great place in English history for winning the referendum and then saving Brexit from the mess Theresa May made of it. Plus the Oxford vaccine. 

It might be best for him if he leaves around February. 

But there is no-one I like to replace him and he is least keen on restrictions of any of the cabinet.

I am sure he won't resign unless he is, in the proverbial Tory phrase, handed a gun and a decanter of whiskey. Even then, he would drink the whisky and fire at the mantlepiece or the people who gave him the decanter.

I am not sure Iran, Ukraine and Taiwan are more urgent matters than Christmas parties last Christmas, as many think, because I don't see how British interests are involved in those three places. Enoch Powell, I realise as I type this, would have thought the same.

I don't think an invasion of Taiwan or Ukraine will happen. Israel is doing a good job of stopping Iran getting the bomb on her own.

What is important is to give up on Covid restrictions for the sake of the future.


  1. Western governments have been led by the nose by international officials and "experts" who have led us to disaster.

  2. Caroline Macafee commented:
    I don't think he made such a great job of Brexit - we seem to have signed a surrender treaty.