Friday, 1 April 2022

John R. Bradley: Sanctions only hurt ordinary people

'I have spoken out against sanctions on Iran and the BDS campaign against Israel, and for the same reason add Saudi Arabia to the list: sanctions only hurt ordinary people.' 
John R. Bradley wrote this in January 2020 - alas, ill health has meant he has not published anything more for a couple of years. 

When he was in better health he wrote this wonderful article in 2017 (where did the time go?) under the headline

Forget our misguided friendship with Saudi Arabia: Iran is our natural ally

which details the atrocities committed by the Saudi authorities against the Shias at home and in Yemen. 

Theresa May made Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary in order to destroy him. When the Foreign Secretary made the obviously true statement that Saudi Arabia and Iran were using religion for political advantage and orchestrating proxy wars, the Prime Minister's office humiliated him by saying he was not representing the government’s view.

Yet, while people are rightly horrified by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Saudi invasion of Yemen is ignored by us all.

Boris, who wants Saudi cooperation on oil prices, is careful now to condemn the Houthis.

Oddly, despite his fingering him for the torture and murder of Khashoggi, Mr Bradley back in 2020 thought MBS was the best source of hope for the region.

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