Tuesday, 17 May 2022


"For my part, I've always considered feminists to be amiable dimwits, harmless in principle, but unfortunately made dangerous by their disarming lack of lucidity. So, in the 1970s you could see them fighting for contraception, abortion, sexual freedom, etc., just as if the 'patriarchal system' was an invention of wicked males, when the historical aim of men had obviously been to f-k as many girls as possible without have to face the burden of a family." Michel Houellebecq

"It is the achievement of Christianity to have raised the condition of women in all times and in all places." Mr Gladstone. I once quoted this to a young priest at Brentwood Cathedral and asked if he thought this process could go too far. "It can go much too far."

"Do not murder a child by abortion or kill a new-born infant". The early Christian work the Didache (c. 150 AD). Both abortion and infanticide (including exposing new born babies on mountain tops) were normal with pagan Romans, as were crucifixions and gladiatorial contests.

"The advantage of being intelligent, is that we can always play stupid, however being the opposite is completely impossible." Woody Allen.

"Just this past Sunday, I woke up to the chapel bells. The church bells wake me up every Sunday, serving as a reminder that I’m a foreigner in this land. No matter how many years I’ve been living here, no matter how many friendships I’ve made, no matter that I speak a colonizers’ language better than my mother tongue, the bells tell me that I do not belong.” Yusur Jasim, a student writing in the newspaper of his American university, quoted by Daniel Pipes on Facebook with the comment, 'Poor dear'.


  1. Indeed, what the current revolution from neoliberalism into biosecurity is demonstrating is that, far from being opposed to fascism — as it has depicted itself in the culture wars of the past twenty years — woke, with its cult of youth, its saccharine sentimentality, its suppression of memory, its embrace of mob rule, its kitsch aesthetics, its regression to cultural conservatism, its adherence to identity politics, its hatred of the working class, its allegiance to the market as the only framework for change, its addiction to surveillance technology, its extolling of reform over revolution, its suppression of intellectual, cultural and political debate, its normalisation of censorship as the default response to disagreement, its culture of no-platforming those who do not share its principles, its ban on books and authors that do not adhere to its ideology, its organised campaigns to socially ostracise and professionally ruin the uncompliant, the violence with which it demands allegiance to its orthodoxies, the adolescent puritanism of its sexual politics, its creation of ideological hegemony through indoctrination programmes such as ‘diversity training’, its hierarchy of obedience established by public demonstrations of virtue, its almost universal adoption by our media, police forces, education and cultural institutions, its enforcement by repressive legislation removing our rights and freedoms on the justification of protecting us from the heterogeneous elements of society, and above all the ease with which it has been employed by national governments, international corporations and the global technocracy they form to increase and expand their political, economic and cultural power — in short, by its facilitation of capitalism’s construction of the totalitarianism of the global biosecurity state — woke is not liberal, and it certainly isn’t socialist: woke is fascist.
    Simon ElmerArchitects for Social Housinghttps://architectsforsocialhousing.co.uk/2022/05/10/the-road-to-fascism-for-a-critique-of-the-global-biosecurity-state-6-from-kitsch-to-woke-the-aesthetics-of-totalitarianism/
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    1. I am no admirer of fascists but I don't think they hated the working class. Nor do the Woke. The Woke groundless fear them. Groundless because the working class are brainwashed like everyone else.

  2. “Writing a poem you can read to no one is like dancing in the dark.”

    “The modern patriotism, the true patriotism, the only rational patriotism is loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.”
    Mark Twain

    “The story of how the free society has come to take priority over the good society is the story of the decline of the West.” 
    L. Brent Bozell, in 1962

  3. Michel doesn't understand the whole story. If women were given absolute sexual freedom with zero accountability (as they so desperately desire), most men would be locked out of the mating market. Women would gravitate toward the top few percent of the most masculine men, and harems would form. If normal males (not in the top 10% or so of female desirability) lose their ability to trade security and providership for access to women, they will be left alone. Women wouldn't really mind that, and, lacking the need for resources, women don't really have a need for such men (especially in today's age when the state provides for them or they are guaranteed some artificial paper pushing career). Thus, feminists in a sense are rational from a woman's point of view. Most men would suffer, as would society (since they would lose any incentive to build and secure the future for their offspring). We are seeing this to some degree in advanced modern societies where the patriarchy is dead and women have freedom without accountability.

    1. We know plenty of women whose “artificial paper-pushing careers” are supporting lazy husbands who dropped out of the job market long ago.

  4. Of course men wanted to f as many women as possible without ties. But many of the men in their glorious f-ing didn’t care much if they got a woman up a tree — until recently a recipe for a ruined life or at least serious social stigma. So women agitated for birth control to protect themselves. Sounds prudent to me.