Wednesday, 21 December 2022

The Deep State controls social media but is frightened


 A very important article by Mark Hemingway says:

That so few people are curious about the nexus between intel agencies and Big Tech should be a national scandal.

According to the latest drop of “Twitter Files” from Michael Shellenberger, “As of 2020, there were so many former FBI employees — ‘Bu alumni’ — working at Twitter that they had created their own private Slack channel and a crib sheet to onboard new FBI arrivals.” It appears that Twitter still has 14 employees on the payroll who worked at the FBI and CIA.

The problem isn’t just confined to Twitter. My colleague and Federalist contributor Ben Weingarten recently wrote an article for the New York Post, “Inside revolving door between Democrat Deep State and Big Tech.”

....Based on what we know, there’s absolutely no reason not to assume that, of the numerous former FBI and CIA employees at Twitter, some weren’t either informally or directly working for intel agencies. Further, it is incredibly alarming that the watchdogs that are supposed to protect us from rogue government agencies eroding our rights can’t be bothered to investigate this.

For most of my life, the corporate media, and the activist left in particular, treated these agencies with extreme skepticism. Revelations such as these would formerly have set off klaxons in newsrooms.

But now? “People’s brains are so drowning in partisan muck that the Bernie/AOC left — which still pretends to find the CIA and FBI nefarious if you force them to take a stance — refuses to care about the grave dangers in what [Matt Taibbi] reported about FBI’s role [at Twitter],” says Glenn Greenwald. Worse, Greenwald observes that their shared partisan obsessions mean that the left has completely surrendered to the corporatist imperatives of liberal institutions such as the media. “The only real enemies they see are the Trump movement and GOP. That’s why I use ‘left-liberal’: their core worldviews have merged,” he further observes.
The expression Deep State, used other than about the original Turkish Deep State is tarred by its use by the Trumpians, but an international, or at least Anglo-American, deep state exists. 

Former British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who is responsible, with Samantha Cameron and Hillary Clinton, for the destruction of Libya is part of it. See his recent plea for more censorship of the internet.

This is why Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter so alarms journalists. He may be the richest man in the world but he is petty powerless in the face of the Deep State that fears freedom of expression.

Joe Biden and the UN Secretary-General consider the far right the biggest threat to the West because they fear ordinary people turning against the Deep State and its belief in the inevitability of mass migrations. This is why freedom of speech is their great fear, in a way comparable with how it used to terrify the Communist regimes.

It's not just Twitter and Facebook, of course. Wikipedia is, I imagine, very heavily influenced (controlled)  by the CIA and other such bodies. It reads like it, bearing in mind that the CIA is now social liberal, not conservative. 

And it is not just the American secret service that has a lot of connections with social media. LinkedIn reveals that hundreds of 'former' Israeli spies work for Facebook. But we hear only about Russia.


  1. Fourteen employees on the payroll, out of what was something like 2,900 recently, so around half of one percent. Without further information, it is hard to say what this means.

    As it happens, I do know some people who have worked for the CIA, essentially as receptionists or low-level guards. What they do now, I'm not sure, except that one of them is probably still at the World Bank, as an economist. (Then he was a student, whether high school or college I forget.)

    And I do know somebody who worked at the CIA before she worked at The Washington Post. At the Post, and at the organization where I worked with her, she worked with computers, so I doubt she was in covert ops at the CIA.

    1. 14 is not many but that figure, I thought, was recent (since Musk threw out so many people). The article I link too implies there were many in 2020 and the other article says hundreds of Israeli ex spies, something discovered just from their LinkedIn profiles. Of course it's not about numbers. This seems to suggest the FBI has much influence.


    3. It is often declared that Twitter is not real life; too rarely does anyone add, because it’s far more important. As the primary vector for the construction and dissemination of political narratives, social media has become the central battleground where all conflicts short of open war are fought, based on firmly-held beliefs that rarely have a secure grounding in objective reality. What use does mere reality have, other than as kindling for the far brighter flames of political myth? No wonder, as the ongoing Twitter Files disclosures show, the company is riddled with bureaucrats of the American security state: there is no reason to doubt that the same is true of Instagram or Facebook, nor that the Chinese aren’t doing the same with TikTok and the Russians with Telegram.

  2. The "Trumpians" were telling the truth about the Deep State. However, Donald John Trump himself could have done a lot more to clear it out than he did - he trusted establishment Republicans such as the Attorney General (a man he did not even know - and was "suggested" to him for the post by the leaders of the Senate) and that was a fatal error.


  4. Republicans love the market and always side with the rights of private business, so if businesses make the free choice to hire ex-intelligence personnel Republicans should be fine with it.

    Many ex-FBI, military and CIA happen to be Republican by a large margin. They tend to fill the ranks at lobbying firms and defense contracting behemoths. Does that bother anyone?