Wednesday 17 July 2024

Happy birthday, sir!

Group Captain John Hemingway, DFC, AE, a Dubliner who is thought to be the last of 'the Few', celebrates his 105th birthday today. He was shot down four times during the war.

British news in brief

The Times today: 

The Royal College of Physicians has advised doctors that they are “uniquely positioned” to talk to patients about climate change and to raise the issue with them in consultations.

The Daily Mail today:

Scotland's police officers will be paid to take part in Pride parades despite the force cutting back on fighting crime, the Mail can reveal.

Uniformed officers are being urged to represent the overstretched force at LGBTI marches in exchange for pay or a day off in lieu.

While hundreds will be on active duty policing the marches, senior officers have requested that other staff join the parades to show support for the marchers.

Tuesday 16 July 2024

J.D. Vance last week: “What is the first truly Islamist country to get a nuclear weapon? Maybe it’s actually the UK since Labour took over."”

“What is the first truly Islamist country to get a nuclear weapon? And we were like, maybe it’s Iran, maybe Pakistan already kind of counts. And then we finally decided maybe it’s actually the UK since Labour took over.”
Senator J.D Vance, Donald Trump's running mate, at last week’s National Conservatism Conference.

Hee hee. 

I wonder what British Foreign Secretary David Lammy will say. He called Donald Trump 'an absolute moron' and ‘a neo-Nazi-sympathising sociopath’ in 2018.

Senator Vance is sceptical of giving money to Ukraine but not about giving money to Israel, which is a contradiction, but support for Israel is necessary if he wants to get on in politics. At least he says he wants the war to ended as soon as possible, to be followed by peace between Israel and the Saudis. 

I'd say peace with Iran is more important but I also think the USA has no real interests in the region.

I had hoped Mr Trump would pick former soldier Tulsi Gabbard, who left the Democrats in October 2022, or Tucker Carlson but Senator Vance, a man brought up by a single mother in poverty who made much money, converted to Catholicism and wrote a well-received book, might be very good. 

If elected he would be the third youngest US Vice-president, after Richard Nixon and a splendid man called John C. Breckinridge, Buchanan's Vice-president, who fought bravely in the Civil War or War between the States and ended up as Confederate Secretary of War. 

The last American Vice-president who wore a beard was Charles Fairbanks, who served under Teddy Roosevelt.

Monday 15 July 2024

Joe Biden in 1997 said that the only thing that could provoke a "vigorous and hostile" Russian response would be if NATO expanded to the Baltic states.

Here is Joe Biden in 1997 saying that "the one thing" that could provoke a "vigorous and hostile" Russian response would be if NATO expanded to the Baltic states. 

How right he was.

Compare how he was 27 years ago when he was in his prime, aged 55, with how he is now.

He was impressive then, though never good enough to be president. That is why he never came better than fourth in a primary until he won South Carolina in 2020, when President Obama and the Democrat grandees intervened to arrange that he beat Bernie Saunders.


"The best perfection of a religious man is to do common things in a perfect manner. A constant fidelity in small things is a great and heroic virtue." St Bonaventure, whose feast is today (15 July)

"We have to understand that dementia patient is a metaphor for the west at this point.” Retired U.S. Col. Douglas Macgregor

"Trump’s great vice is pride, and his great virtue is courage. The latter fact leads too many of his admirers to ignore the former, and the former fact leads too many of his enemies to ignore the latter." Edward Feser

Sunday 14 July 2024

After the attempts to kill them, Reagan told John Paul II 'We were saved for something.' The Pope replied 'I know what it is. To free Poland'

Father Jason Charron, a Ukrainian Catholic priest, was asking by Trump to open the rally with prayer which he did by invoking divine protection…..

"The US Came Close To Having TWO Presidential Candidates With No Brain."

"The US Came Close To Having TWO Presidential Candidates With No Brain."
Tom Foley

Brendan Cox whose MP wife Jo was murdered because of her views on immigration and Brexit condemned the attempt on Donald Trump's life but said "Donald Trump also has some culpability in creating an environment where violence is more likely." This is the first person I've seen who blames Trump. He'd hate it if somebody said his late wife's speeches had some culpability for creating an environment where murder is more likely.

"One can judge a man by how he reacts to being shot. In 1835, a house painter attempted to kill President Andrew Jackson, Trump’s hero. Both his pistols miraculously misfired; Jackson, despite being 67 and in ill-health, charged the villain with his cane. In 1912, Teddy Roosevelt – to whom Trump bears closest

Attempt to murder Donald Trump

"We do not believe that the attempt to eliminate and assassinate Trump was organised by the current authorities, but the atmosphere around candidate Trump … provoked what America is confronting today. After numerous attempts to remove candidate Trump from the political arena — using first legal tools, the courts, prosecutors, attempts to politically discredit and compromise the candidate — it was obvious to all outside observers that his life was in danger.” Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman

"Most importantly, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, Trump is a threat to this nation." Joe Biden yesterday

"The assassination attempt on Donald Trump comes as 10 per cent of American adults said violence was justified to stop him from retaking the White House. Robert Pape, a professor in terrorism threats at the University of Chicago, carried out the survey in June which also found that a third of that number carried guns." The Sunday Telegraph today

Trump is not badly hurt. Soon journalists will start blaming him for the attempted assassination

Donald Trump has been shot.

We could have been reading his obituary this morning.

Instead we listen to Joe Biden deploring violence and observe no indication of dementia this time.

Saturday 13 July 2024

Talking about Joe Biden

'Like the late-stage Brezhnev, Biden is now a president in name only.'
Victor Davis Hanson

'Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f--- things up.' Barak Obama, according to an anonymous Democrat speaking to Politico in 2020

Friday 12 July 2024

From an article in Responsible Statecraft by Blaise Malley: Declassified Docs: US Knew Russia Felt 'Snookered' By NATO

'In 1995, then-national security adviser Anthony Lake warned President Bill Clinton that Russian leadership would not accept the expansion of the alliance to the East.

'“Russian opposition to NATO enlargement is unlikely to yield in the near or medium term to some kind of grudging endorsement; Russia’s opposition is deep and profound,” Lake wrote. “For the period ahead, the Russian leadership will do its level best to derail our policy, given its conviction that any eastward expansion of NATO is at root antithetical to Russia’s long-term interests.”

'Two years later, as Washington and Moscow were entering negotiations on the future of NATO-Russia cooperation, State Department official Dennis Ross wrote what the Archive calls an “astute and empathetic analysis” of the Russian position on NATO expansion.

'“To begin with, the Russians for all the reasons you know see NATO expansion through a political, psychological, and historical lens,” Ross wrote in a memo to Strobe Talbott, then the Deputy Secretary of State.

'“First they feel they were snookered at the time of German unification. As you noted with me, [former Secretary of State James] Baker's promises on not extending NATO military presence into what was East Germany were part of a perceived commitment not to expand the Alliance

Biden has Parkinson's

A Parkinson’s disease specialist (who's a Democrat) told NBC that Biden clearly has the disease.

He didn't do as badly as he might have at the Nato press conference last night.

He introduced Zelensky as Putin and referred to Kamala as Vice-president Trump but we expect things like that.

They are the mistakes anyone might make. They don't show he has dementia, but in the context of the debate with Trump they looked very bad.

He was 45 minutes late, of course used a teleprompter for his opening speech, answered or failed to answer softball questions, made a mess of what he wanted to say in places, but all this is normal for him.

President Ford made similar slip ups, but much less often.

Vice-president Dan Quayle too, but he was a halfwit.

The point is that the media has (inevitably) decided that the impending fall of the House of Biden is the story.

Ian Bremmer, who attended the summit, said none of the leaders he encountered "think he [Biden] can serve another four years."

George Stephanopoulos, who interviewed him last week, told a passer-by in the street who asked him that he doesn’t think Joe Biden can serve four more years.

Here is Biden to NATO earlier this week: ‘The allies in this room... Not only share a common language... DON’T share a common language... We do... Not share a common border... But we are neighbours...’

In the 2020 Democratic primary debates, Julián Castro and Cory Booker mocked Biden for his inability to remember things, and pointed out his cognitive decline. That was four years ago. But now the media are shocked, shocked.

Glenn Greenwald says it well:

'It's been incredibly creepy watching every liberal media figure mindlessly recite: "Biden is a good, decent man of high values. But what evidence is there for that? The many wars he cheerlead? The addicts he threw in jail until his son become one? The pathological lying?"'

I agree - he finances what seems a pointless slaughter of tens of thousands of Arab civilians intended to keep Netanyahu out of prison, he provoked Putin to invade Ukraine, he is accused of rape and of unpleasant attentions to his own daughter.

That's before we speak of influence peddling.

And I completely agree with this tweet by Glenn Greenwald three days ago: 'Democrats slowly coming to terms with the fact that Biden is a full-scale narcissist who has shown throughout his adult life that the only thing he cares about is chasing power and titles, and there's no way someone like that would give that up voluntarily.'

Thursday 11 July 2024

Biden must not be allowed to win in November

The Democrats should have said in the first day after the debate that Biden was incapable of being president, but they were too frightened to be first to say that the emperor had no clothes.

By not doing so they gave him the chance to seize the initiative.

It will be much harder now.

The Republicans meanwhile are saying - not - a - word.

Many Democratic journalists call for 
Biden's defenestration - because they do not need his patronage and because they have been shown to be guilty of hiding the truth.

In fact, though, there is a real possibility that Biden could win, which would be a calamity for the whole American empire.

Why not have the Democratic convention do what conventions were invented to do - select the presidential candidate from several contenders? 

Wednesday 10 July 2024

35 Americans killed by Russian forces in the Crimea

This is a very important news item on John Helmer's blog which has been ignored completely by the media outside Russia.  

Canadian Helmer is the longest serving foreign correspondent in Moscow, a left-wing writer who  has lots of interesting things to tell and sometimes indulges in speculations that seem absurd, like the US being behind the attack in the concert hall complex in Moscow in March for which Islamists claimed responsibility. Four Tajiks were found guilty.

Tuesday 9 July 2024

The background to Ukraine and Taiwan

This passage is from a very good article by Anatole Lieven in Responsible Statecraft. Obviously I agree with it, all but the reference to climate change.

The promise of NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia in 2008 was another, far more disastrous case where West European opposition bowed (albeit in qualified fashion) to U.S. dictation. It brought NATO into direct confrontation with Russia’s determination to maintain a sphere of influence and security zone in its immediate neighborhood, in areas where the Soviet collapse (as with the end of most empires) had left behind actual or potential ethnic and territorial conflicts.

And yet at the same time, [neither] NATO nor its individual members, had a plan or actual desire to fight Russia. Repeated warnings that NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia would mean war were literally laughed away by Western diplomats. As a former officer attached to the NATO Secretariat told me, the Secretariat did not even discuss contingency plans for a war between Georgia and Russia after — on U.S. orders — it threw its weight behind NATO membership for that country.

As he explained, NATO expansion had been sold to Western parliaments and publics on the premise that it would involve no costs and no risks. Even to discuss the possibility of war was therefore taboo. As a result, NATO’s European members acquiesced in a program of expansion that they had been warned repeatedly would lead to war, while making no preparation for war, and continuing to rely for energy on imports of cheap Russian gas.

Every time Biden speaks he seems unfit to rule the world

Ruling the world is what old man Biden said last week that he does, offering this as proof that he does not need to take a cognitive test.

According to the log kept by the White House Dr. Kevin Cannard, a specialist in Parkinson’s disease, visited the White House eight times between August 2023 and March 2024 and on January 17 met Mr. Biden’s personal doctor and two unidentified individuals.

Here is the old man's attempt to reassure Americans. 

It is funny but it is not.

CNN and the Democratic press have decided he must go. 

The story has unstoppable momentum.

Great is the truth and shall prevail, this time at least.

Monday 8 July 2024

David Lammy, the UK's new foreign secretary, when he was on the BBC's quiz programme 'Celebrity Mastermind'

He said Marie Antoinette won the Nobel Prize for physics, Henry VII became king when Henry VIII died and Red Leicester is the blue cheese that accompanies port. It is the Henry VII answer that disturbs me most.


The very best political comments over the weekend carefully selected

Click on this and hear the very moving and insightful words of Steve Baker speaking from the heart and to the point while George Obourne smirked. He was happy to have lost his seat. 

I realise that Cameron and Osborne destroyed the Conservative Party in the end and would have destroyed the country had the Scots voted for independence.

FT headline today: 

"You have nationalised the word 'Jew'"

Alain Badiou, probably France's greatest living philosopher, accusing Alain Finkielkraut - one of Israel's staunchest defenders in France - of having "nationalised the word 'Jew'" and made it so legitimate criticism of Israel is considered antisemitic".

You only have to read Ha'artez to read daily criticism of Netanyahu's actions which the left-wing and right-wing press in Europe would refuse to print for fear of being accused of antisemitism.

Jews who do criticise the slaughter (I call it that because it is not a war) are regularly accused of being self hating. 

Am I a pedant to say that it is the IDF who are the anti-Semites? They have slaughtered tens of thousands of Semites.

Good advice for me

"I am staying drunk on writing so that reality cannot destroy me, because it can, and it will if it gets even half a chance. I'm not going to let it." Ray Bradbury

"My parents went to see Ray Bradbury give a talk in Santa Barbara. He showed up drunk. They got their money back." FOPTIMUS_PRIM

Sunday 7 July 2024

Three grave Biden scandals

Brian Flood on Fox News on Friday, on Olivia Nuzzi's New York magazine article about a "conspiracy" to hide President Biden’s mental decline:
'Nuzzi detailed a reception before the White House Correspondents’ Dinner earlier this year when she saw Biden in person for the first time in several weeks.

'"Up close, the president does not look quite plausible. It’s not that he’s old. We all know what old looks like. Bernie Sanders is old. Mitch McConnell is old. Most of the ruling class is old. The president was something stranger, something not of this earth," she wrote.
"His thin skin, long a figurative problem and now a literal one, was pulled tightly over cheeks that seemed to vary month to month in volume. Under artificial light and in the sunshine, he took on an unnatural gleam. He looked, well, inflated," she continued. "His eyes were half-shut or open very wide. They appeared darker than they once had, his pupils dilated. He did not blink at regular intervals."

'Nuzzi said she tried to make eye contact with Biden but "it was like his eyes, though open, were not on."'

Why did she and the rest of the White House press corps keep quiet? 

You know why.

The first scandal is that Biden is about to be nominated as Democratic candidate - except he is not.

The second is that he is still in office.

The third is that the legacy media knew he was suffering from dementia - even more than did right-wing bloggers, tweeters and alternative left and right wing media (whom the left does not read) but wanted to suppress the story. Now they are found out they are hurrying to demand his resignation, like Claude Rains in Casablanca saying 'I'm shocked, shocked, to discover that gambling has been going on on the premises'.

In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly, but westward, look, the land is bright

 Sunday Times: 

A poll by JL Partners last week put Reform in second place behind Labour among 16 and 17-year-olds, with 23 per cent saying they would vote for the party. Among boys of that age, they were tied for first, polling at 35 per cent.

...Over the course of the campaign, as schools held mock elections, several reports emerged of Reform victories. At Emily Howes’s 14-year-old son Kit’s school in Walthamstow, east London, Reform — in Kit’s words — “absolutely barbecued the other candidates”.

“He’d been telling me for quite a while that Reform are what the kids like at school,” says Howes. “I’d assumed he’d got the wrong end of the stick. But he said ‘Just you wait, because when the kids can vote they are all going to vote for Reform. It’s going to be a wipeout’.”

We should declare independence


Sohrab Ahmari
This has the quality of an assistant manager at a call center who’s been promoted to associate manager and is now having his first check-in with his boss in upper management.

Why the British Conservatives were reduced to a rump

The population of the UK grew by an estimated 1,584 people a day between mid-year 2021 and mid-year 2022.

Can Trump make peace in Ukraine? I hope so

Putin welcomes Trump's desire to end the war in Ukraine. Why does Biden not try to negotiate peace? Partly because he is not compos mentis but by Biden I mean the Anglo-American deep state.

Reagan at 73 was superb but by 75 he was showing early signs of dementia - though nothing as bad as Biden exhibits now at 81

Ronald Reagan at the start of the 1984 election: "I want you to know that my health is excellent and I intend to campaign in all thirteen states."

"I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience," Ronald Reagan during the 1984 presidential debates when asked if, at 73, he is too old to be President.

Double standards


There are similar double standards in the UK. Whites who support Ukraine and possibly Israel are affronted that Muslim voters vote for MPs who side with the Palestinians. One man shouted at a young woman canvassing for Jess Phillips and this is an outrage. (To think of the thuggish violence Joe Chamberlain encouraged against the Liberals after he left the party. Chamberlain said during the Boer War that "If Ll.G. wants his life he had better keep away from Birmingham". )

In a restaurant I watched Romania knocked out of UEFA Wednesday night


Someone should write a play.

Interviews with old man Biden are generally white knuckle rides. Yesterday's contained this serene wisdom.  'Asked by Stephanopoulos how he would feel if he had to turn the presidency back to an opponent he and his party loathe, the president said: “I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the goodest job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about.” I know dementia is sad not funny but I'm afraid I can't stop laughing. 

Friday 5 July 2024


Sir Keir Starmer, whose father was an aggressive atheist, does not believe in God, like Macdonald, who was some sort of cloudy humanist, Attlee and Callaghan.

Chamberlain was a Unitarian but instead of believing in God though not in the divinity of Jesus he described himself  as a reverent agnostic. 

He and Macdonald are the two 20th century Prime Ministers to be buried in the Abbey.

British election bloodbath

The Tories have lost the seats held by recent former leaders Michael Howard, David Cameron, Theresa May, and both seats held consecutively by Boris Johnson.

I was delighted to see Liz Truss narrowly lose her very safe seat just now. 

Former leader Ian Duncan Smith and current one Rishi Sunak held theirs, the former very narrowly only because a Muslim candidate split the Labour vote after being deselected for no good reason by Keir Starmer after the election was called.

Liz Truss's Deputy Prime Minister Therese Coffey lost her seat.

In England the Labour Party scarcely won more votes than last time when they lost to a Tory landslide and got 5 percent less of the vote then in 2017 under Jeremy Corbyn. 

The electorate voted against the Tories (and the SNP), not for Labour or the Liberal Democrats. 

Labour was what they knew they were getting. There is no other way to get rid of the Tories than to have a Labour government but there seems to be little enthusiasm for or excitement about the new government, very unlike in 1997.

The Labour victory is a house without foundations.