Monday 17 December 2012

Psychopaths are motivated by envy

The psychopath, like everyone, is attracted to the qualities he has repressed in himself. Therefore, according to Melanie Klein, he is drawn to good people, whom he envies and wishes to embrace but also to harm, thus relieving his painful feelings of envy. In the same way, good people are sometimes attracted by evil ones, because evil people do the things good people do not dare even want to do. This is why stories about psychopaths sell more than stories about saints.

Envy is one of the psychopath's principal emotions. If the psychopath cannot possess good qualities himself he can devalue people he recognises as good, by insults or harming them, in some cases even by murder. Psychopaths envy everything, for evil is a vacuum, negation. Evil is a very real thing (read crime stories in the press or read some history) and, paradoxically, also nothing, a kind of black hole. 

Envy and pride, not greed or cruelty, are at the heart of evil.  Particularly, envy of another's spiritual good, which the Church has always considered one of the greatest of all sins, a sin against the Holy Spirit. The myth of the fall of Lucifer is accurate, understood in psychological terms.

'His [Othello's] life had a daily beauty in it which made mine ugly.' 

was the only explanation Iago gave for his crimes at the end of Othello. Some people think this a cop out on the part of Shakespeare. In fact, it is good psychology and good theology.

This is one reason why psychotherapy for psychopaths is dangerous (the psychotherapist can be in emotional and even physical danger). Another is the fact that psychotherapy may make the psychopath worse, not better, in the sense of being better able to understand himself and better able to achieve his ends. In any case, as Freud said, the patient needs a conscience for therapy to work. It only works if the subject wants to be a better person. ('How many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb has to want to be changed.')

The evil eye, which has always been feared in traditional societies, is supposed to be motivated by envy and inflict bad luck. It is interesting that evil people, or at any rate psychopaths, do stare in a remarkably strange way.
Image result for ira einhorn 2014
Ira Einhorn, environmentalist, psychopath and murderer

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the Moors murderers, who tortured and killed children
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  1. Right, Paul, and as the non-psychopath that you are, I suggest you stop dwelling on this topic. There are very beautiful people in this world and, as the Catholic that you are, I am surprised you deliberately choose to spend time talking to and obsessing about such people and their condition. Let go my friend.

  2. I commend you Paul as a Catholic and empath have been targeted by these dark hearts many times and knowing the traits and tactics are great armour us against them. It is so funny to me now that I'm recognizing them so easily they seem to be scared of me. There is a lot of spiritual warfare going on and their greatest strength is keeping us unaware that it is warfare and not friendship, nor love, nor protection (i.e. government lies). Standing up for those we witness being bullied is crucial and so few have the courage to do so. Thank you for you insights and most interesting posts. They are the ones running scared now.

    Lady Vigilant

  3. I was raised by a psychopath and a malignant narcissist. I have been targeted by cluster b types my whole life. As I look back now I remember thinking the same thing with each cluster b person. What is wrong with someone who's entire life revolves around wanting to take everything from another person? Why does their whole existence revolve around envy? I spot them now as soon as I meet them. I refuse to engage in evil!!!