Saturday, 5 March 2011

Disjointed thoughts on the British monarchy

I can't help feeling it's slightly middle class of our dear Queen to do so many public engagements. After all, she's not a public servant. Or perhaps that is what she is nowadays.

Anyway the monarchy became very middle class after William IV died and maybe that suits us. The exciting glamorous members of the Firm were bad 'uns: Edward VIII and Diana. Although I love the most regal and glamorous of them all, Princess Margaret, one of the most attractive women I ever met. She conducted her public engagements at Oxford and Cambridge as much as possible where she ignored the girls and enchanted the boys. I remember her finishing a bottle of whisky at a reception at the Cambridge Union while none of us could leave. Nor did we want to except for poor Harry Hinsley the Vice-Chancellor who clutched his walking stick and clearly yearned for bed. How odd - how lie a Joe Orton play - that her body was cremated in Swindon.

We don't want our kings to be regal any more. The fact that a valet assists the Prince of Wales when he needs a sample of his urine excited comment not long ago. Oddly enough film and rock stars can be Hanoverian however. 

This reminds me of my favourite haiku by the Emperor Hirohito

We had intended
To visit the flower show at Kyoto
But were prevented by ill health.

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