Friday, 17 February 2012

pls write YOUR TOP OF MIND THINGS about Romania


pls write YOUR TOP OF MIND THINGS about Romania here

Someone asked this in April 2006 - was it Craig Turp? - and this was my spontaneous response. I would not answer in this way now. Romania has matured and so have I. 

Oriental, sophisticated, decadent, intriguing, Balkan, Frenchified, profoundly old-fashioned, life-enhancing. Poetic, never boring, not yet homogenised, mystical, ironic, chaotic, superficial and profound, serendipitous, paradoxical, inscrutable

Still, Romania is a wonderful country still in very many ways more civilised than England. It is too late for the best fruit and vegetables you ever tasted and shopping centres and mortgages are here but Romanian girls this very day are walk through the streets under 10 inches of snow with boots with 4 inch high heels. People takes the existence of God for granted like the sun rising each morning and sinking each evening. Homosexuality is considered rather shocking despite the efforts of the EU to stop them doing so. Priests and poets are right-wing. People have read books and are proud of their country's history. Everyone flirts.


  1. mannAlexander Fuhr17 February 2012 at 23:28

    ...insecure, imature, bewildered, mistrusting, kind, funny, smart, sophisticated,

  2. Carpathian mountains, Danube Delta, ciorba de burta, sarmalute, mic and beer, must and walnuts, everything above the four inch high heels!

  3. The final paragraph sounds like Georgia ;)

  4. The final paragraph sounds like Georgia ;)