Friday, 16 March 2012

President John Tyler’s Grandson on Still Being Alive

John Tyler was President of the USA 1841–1845. Why does this story, about his two grandsons, who are still with us, make me so happy? Schopenhauer would say it appeals to the will to life.
"The past is never dead. It's not even past." 

Sixteen years after leaving the White House, when Civil War seemed inevitable, Tyler, who was a Virginian, chaired a peace conference between representatives from the North and South with the goal of keeping the Union intact. When his peace efforts failed, Tyler embraced the Confederacy . He was eventually elected to the Confederate Congress, but died without taking his seat. In Yankee eyes he died a traitor. In my eyes he chose the right side, since I can see no possible justification for the North invading the South to prevent the South seceding. 

I wonder if Washington and Jefferson would have done the same. Presumably they would, since both rebelled against the UK, both were proud Virginians and both were slave-owners.

Note: there is nothing on the net to suggest that the two grandsons are not still alive in June 2013. Long life to them both.

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