Friday, 15 June 2012

Olivia Manning


'There seemed nothing remarkable about travelling a lot. All you needed were money and energy.' Olivia Manning, Friends and Heroes

I'll find the exact quote tonight.

The Wikipedia article on Olivia Manning is terrifying: 

Manning's books have received limited critical attention; as during her life, opinions are divided, particularly about her characterisation and portrayal of other cultures. Her works tend to minimise issues of gender, and are not easily classified as feminist literature. Nevertheless, recent scholarship has highlighted Manning's importance as a woman writer of war fiction and of the British Empire in decline. Her works are critical of war, racism, colonialism and imperialism..
She is deemed a good writer because in many ways progressive though unfortunately not a feminist. It's like living in Lenin's Russia. Despite the Cold War the far Left is winning after all.

I failed in my duty to become a don and to do battle with these forces of Beelezebub which have occupied the universities of England and America. 

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