Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Excellent news from Lichtenstein

Voters in Liechtenstein rejected a proposal to abolish the ruling prince’s right to veto the results of popular referendums on Sunday.

The referendum was proposed by pro-democracy campaigners after Crown Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein said last year he would block the legalization of abortion if citizens approved it in a referendum. In the end, citizens rejected it anyway.

Official figures showed 76.1 per cent of voters, or 11,629 people, rejected the proposal on Sunday. Turnout was 82.9 per cent.

The crown prince and his father Prince Hans Adam II were greeted with loud cheers and applause when they appeared in Vaduz to thank voters for their support.

It would gladden the heart of the late Michael Wharton's 'Feudal and Reactionary Times' and it gladdens mine - but I do not quite understand why a referendum on the issue was permitted.


  1. A symbolic - albeit irrelevant - success of the pro-life campaigners which are gradually silenced all over the world.

    The pro-murder (of unborn human beings) is getting stronger and stronger everywhere :-(

  2. I agree. I also like the monarchical principle - I thought Lichtenstein was an absolute monarchy. The history that led to Lichtenstein being an independent country is interesting. The princely house made very much money saving rich Jews for very large sums in the war by the way.