Wednesday 10 April 2013

So people are rejoicing at Lady Thatcher's death


They are apparently. I should get my television fixed or take my laptop back to my flat. I chose Monday as the day to start living without it at home - bad timing as Lady Thatcher died that morning.

How much hatred people still feel for Mrs Thatcher. The Left does not forgive. But I make no complaint. I did not like the lady myself when she was in power and I loved being very harsh indeed about Edward Kennedy when he died - I felt it was a duty as well as a great pleasure.

For those who missed it (most of the world), Ted Kennedy's ducal funeral Mass, given by a Cardinal and many priests, in Boston Cathedral, brought to my mind irresistibly Belloc's little squib:

Here richly, with ridiculous display,
The Politician's corpse was laid away.
While all of his acquaintance sneered and slanged
I wept: for I had longed to see him hanged.

Another by Belloc too:

The Politician, dead and turned to clay,
Will make a clout to keep the wind away.
I am not fond of draughts, and yet I doubt 
If I could get myself to touch that clout.

But one should not rejoice at anyone's death and I was disgusted by the scenes of delirium in Washington DC when Osama bin Ladin was assassinated. They seemed Iranian. The man should have been captured and tried (does Pakistan have fair courts?). If he were tried for planning the attack on September 11 I suspect the case would not be proved and he would walk free but no doubt there many other things to charge him with.


  1. A couple great old Ted hating bumper sticks from stateside:

    "I'd rather be hunting with Dick Cheney than get a ride from Ted Kennedy."

    "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my guns."

  2. I agree with you about the Bin Laden celebration, not because I think it is deeply wrong for people to rejoice at someones death, but rather because it was such an obvious political trick and distraction from the real problems facing America and the real War on Terror, and became a sort of peer-pressure mob to celebrate something that didn't really mean anything. The reality is that Obama has done NOTHING GOOD WHATSOEVER on the "War on Terror", nor does anyone even really know what a success on the "War on Terror" would look like, and so to rejoice at the assasination of a single figure in Al Qaeda was so disgustingly provincial, ignorant and gullible that I found the mob-inducing banter to be juvenile and degrading to all of mankind. The worst part is that people acted like you were a traitor if you didn't celebrate with them!

  3. I'm not sure what point they were trying to make by rejoicing at the death of a PM who has long since left office. Doesn't change a thing.

  4. no and it does not address the issues which face us TODAY

  5. I have to disagree with the statement that Obama has done nothing about the war on terror. I am a conservative independent and voted for and against Obama - so this is not a love story.
    In Tom Junod's excellent article in Esquire "the Lethal Presidency" he says: You are the first president who has made use of your power to target and kill individuals identified as a threat to the United States throughout your entire term. You are the first president to make the killing of targeted individuals the focus of our military operations, of our intelligence, of our national-security strategy, and, some argue, of our foreign policy. You have authorized kill teams comprised of both soldiers from Special Forces and civilians from the CIA, and you have coordinated their efforts through the Departments of Justice and State.

    Read more: The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama, by Tom Junod - Esquire

  6. And for the Record - most Americans Loved Maggie and saw her as an incredibly strong female role model, and thought she did a good job cleaning up the continuing mess of continuous worker strikes choking the growth of Britain.

  7. @Terry: Why in the world do you think killing individuals will lead to ANYTHING? These are terrorists - they HAVE no formal organization! If they did, we might be able to negotiate with them. Besides, he's not the first: JFK authorized many assassination attempts, as did FDR.

  8. I have mixed feeling about Mrs T despite being a supporter of the party. However, I find it fun to play the Thatcherite loon at the moment. George

  9. It really is sad... Some people loved her..some hated her. but that's really not the point.None of them actually KNEW her... Yes they 've heard of her..and saw her saying some things on tv...but that's about it. How long are we going to fall for this trick and many others?
    Who guards the guardians?

  10. In my house when Edward Kennedy died someone said, bye-bye. I said oh well and I won't say what someone else said. And the funeral Mass yet another scandal of the American bishopry.
    The bin Laden celebration utterly disgusting. As well as the dragging through the streets of already murdered Gadaffi. And Sec. of State H. Clinton's post mortem guffawing He's Dead. He's Dead. Ahhhahahahaha.

  11. I agree Anonymous - on both counts. Why not give your name?

  12. And thank you too.

  13. to Terry, Drones do not kill individuals; collateral damage. reality of the lesser evil.
    Someone who can(Obama) really needs to rethink the war on terror. This is not the way to end terrorism. As the Bush-Cheney way was not.