Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Queen's Birthday Party

The Queen's Birthday Party at the Bragadiru Palace was enormous fun on Tuesday evening, much more so than the ones Robin Barnett, the last Ambassador, threw. The Prime Minister and Crin both made speeches. The PM speaks good English with a strong accent. Crin's English reminded me a bit of Dr. Johnson's comparison between a woman preaching and a dog standing on its hind legs - 'It is not done well but one wonders to see it done at all'. My ironing - I iron once every 15 years or so - is also like that.


  1. Modernity has a handful of advantages. One is
    definitely no-iron cottens. But the Queen's party sounds like a good old fashion kind of thing.

  2. Modern life has innumerable advantages but shirts you don't have to iron are one of the big mistakes the modern world took.

  3. Okay you're right. I'll tell why I think so after I finish my

  4. You are right because ironing is a discipline and disciplines are good. Ironing can be a time for contemplation and contemplation is good. Ironing is an art... . Ironing can be
    a satisfying endeavor. Ironing provides jobs. Are any of these
    your reason or should I try again?

  5. All disciplines are good but I know I hate ironing.

  6. But it is the business of the wealthy man
    To give employment to the artisan.
    However poor I was I always had women to iron for me but I admire Roy Hattersley for (only) two things. For liking ironing and for opposing abortion. He is a fervent atheist who said that for an atheist life is the only thing that is sacred. In answer to your implied question, drip dry shirts are not pure cotton and look it.

    1. Drip Dry is as outmoded as ironing. Have you never heard
      of faux ironing? I think in the market place it's called
      de-wrinkle, something like that. It works on pure cottons if you know how to do it properly. And contrary to the sales pitch you don't need the new expensive machines with the de-wrinkle cycle. Ha. Necessity is the mother of invention. If you need further instruction I'll provide it. But I suspect you won't. It's simply more convenient
      to you to hire it out. I have an essay draft The Philosophy of Ironing and The Nature of Harmony and The
      Harmony of Nature. It's a draft.

    2. No had not heard of it but recently, while without a cleaning lady, I bought some Harvey & Hudson shirts and was surprised to find that if taken from the washing machine to a shirt hanger they dried without seemingly any great need for ironing. Is this what you mean?

    3. Thank you for indirectly inspiring my blog on Roy Hattersley.

    4. You are most certainly welcome. And thank you for acknowledging, perhaps even finding some interest in
      my diversion. It's sort of like law. If the topic is opened by being referred to it is legitimate for further
      attention. And I'm an American and know nothing of Lord Hattersley except what I've read here. As I said, you are sometimes a most courteous super genius in spite of being arrogant.

  7. That's great. I didn't know. The method that always works for me is from the wash to the dry letting them with heat, tumble
    for a few minutes. The time will vary depending on weight and material strength. Nearly never leave them to dry completely.
    Remove while damp and apparently de-wrinkled. Hang neatly to dry. Easy does it. But if your space can't accommodate a dryer buy some more of the great shirts you've discovered.
    Blue Cheers... I just thought of that. It's quite appropriate.
    Do you remember Blue Cheer Washing Detergent? Happy Monday.

    1. You are describing what I did and it worked even with H&H which is one of the last four true Jermyn St shirtmakers.

  8. I hope these shirtmakers will endure. I forgot two important steps. When removed from wash give each item a good shake. When removing from dryer give each item a good shake before
    hanging neatly to dry. Necessity being the mother of invention
    is sometimes very creative and sometimes just a result of
    common sense. You seem blessed with both and that seems not a
    common thing.