Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sweden and the decline of the West

On October 1, four candidates to be Archbishop of Uppsala, the highest position in the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden, were interviewed by church officials in front of the media and, among other questions, were asked, “Does Jesus provide a truer picture of God than Muhammad?” Only one of the candidates said that He does. (This candidate came second.)
The woman who got the job, Antje Jackelén, answered:
“One cannot reduce the whole of religious theology, that is to say the question of how different religions relate to one another, to a yes-and-no question. It
amounts to doing violence to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be found there.”
I would have thought the question could easily have been answered skirting the subject of Muhammad altogether and talking about the divinity of Jesus. Even Hans Kung would agree that Jesus is essential to salvation.

The Archbishop-elect of Uppsala is not to be confused with the Bishop of Stockholm, who is a lesbian, lives with her woman priest partner and is the world's first openly active
homosexual bishop. I am not making this up.

As it happens, I saw my first ever woman priest in 2007 in Stockholm Cathedral. It was a surprise to see a woman priest but I was astonished to see that she was an absolutely beautiful blonde. I hadn't expected that. This seems to me an additional reason to think women cannot be clergy. However, women have been ordained in the Swedish state church for fifty years.

Despite its strongly feminist public culture, Sweden, once a very law-abiding country, has the worst rape figures in Europe. Many rapes are committed by immigrants. The conservative Norwegian blogger Fjordman wrote this very interesting essay, which deserves reading, on the subject of Swedish attitudes to what I call sex but is now called gender.

A day after writing this comes fresh news from Sweden: they are going to introduce ratings to warn about sexism in films.


  1. Actually, it looks like the archbishop-elect refused to answer the question because of its reductionism, the kind of reductionism favoured by fundamentalists who shut out the real and paint all in black and white. Or, to put it another way, she said she would not be drawn into a silly word game.

    1. So you think that it's merely a silly word game for a Christian leader to state that they believe Jesus over Mohammed? What if the same question had been posed to an imam? Would you characterize his (there are no female imams) answer, strongly and passionately affirming Muhammad over to Jesus, as playing this silly word game? Or would you consider that "intolerant?"

  2. QED: Protestantism has failed. I know. I am one. Duane

  3. I confess I did not read the article on Cultural Marxism in Sweden - but I have read many other articles on the matter. It is an odd thing - it was invented by the Frankfurt School (mostly people of German Jewish origin) but now under the name of "Critical Theory" is rabidly anti Jewish - most American academics (with their Palestinian flags on the walls of their offices) do not seem to have a clue that their form of Marxism was created by Jews. But then the most famous killer of Jews among the Spanish Inquisition was of Jewish origin, And Karl Marx ranted on about the evil Jews in a demented fashion - no self awareness (none).

  4. http://www.newser.com/story/177436/sweden-closing-prisons-as-inmate-numbers-drop.html