Monday, 5 May 2014

Was the Cold War necessary?

This is a fascinating article by one of my favourite historians, Lord Skidelsky, about the Cold War and whether it will start all over again now. I did not known that the Cold War dismayed George Kennan "who claimed that containment was meant to be economic and political, not military. He was one of the main architects of the post-first world war Marshall Plan. He opposed the formation of NATO". This is exactly what I always thought - that the Cold War was unnecessary. The Cold War did however to a large extent keep the peace, if you were not living in Angola or Vietnam.


  1. To rehash my previous post, if I was Russian I would be studiously unconcerned by Western opinion, much more concerned by the opinions of Ukrainians. Almost half of Ukraine is tilted towards Russia, much of the Western part yearns for the EU. So America and the EU must wag a finger at Russia and tell them that they must somehow square this real, not confected, circle?

  2. Leave Russia alone/clean up your Isis mess first,know your true friends first.