Saturday, 17 October 2015

A Syrian refugee talks to me about Syrian refugees

I think it's useful to report what a Syrian Christian friend of mine, who fled to Bucharest from the war, has to say about her fellow Syrian refugees. She is an intelligent and honest woman in her thirties, married with children,

She said to me tonight via Facebookthat demographic changes have consequences and Syrians know better than other people what effects large numbers of Syrian refugees might have. She worries about how Europe will being changed by Muslim refugees and said that, before the war,
In Aleppo there were neighbourhoods where even the state could not go into unless really armed. They are the people who throw themselves into the sea and become asylum seekers.
It is good that Germans are extending help to refugees. We are refugees as well. But Germans have to be careful. This might change Europe. In London my cousin says she cannot go to fully Muslim neighbourhoods wearing skirts or having drinks. In Syria I used to get harassed only for not being veiled. Men used to follow me and try to touch me. They threw acid on my friends. Just for not being veiled.
Germans need to hire more policemen and spend more on covering immigrants' expenses. I don't argue with this. But having a domestic lion is not like having a domestic cat.
Muslims in general still have the idea of conquering Europe and imposing Islamic laws. Many videos on YouTube testify to this. They all came to Europe as pacific migrants. They have to be controlled.
Substituting populations is not the answer.

All Muslims think about is their religion, unlike West European governments.

No one in the Middle East sees that the interest of a country in general is more important than their religious loyalty.
My friend says she is terrified of the Islamisation of the West and blames Muslim voters for the change of government in Canada this week. I wonder how many Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian and Iraqi christians agree with them.


  1. Religion is historically one of the great motivators of human conduct - the idea that millions of followers of Mohammed can be allowed into Europe but "controlled" is, I believe, mistaken. They, and their children, will not allow themselves to be "controlled". There is a vast difference between allowing in Islamic merchants and travellers and allowing great Islamic populations to grow up. I believe that the Chancellor of Germany is an unintentional danger both to her own nation and to Western civilisation in general, the lady means well but is horribly misguided.

    1. I am sure this lady agrees with every word you have said. I cannot see where you see any difference between your position and hers.

  2. The man makes a good point. If we accept them, they should accept us. The essence of our pluralistic society.