Monday, 6 June 2016

Quotations for Monday


She was also incapacitated by much of daily life and had 'no aptitude whatsoever' for domesticity.

Sybille Bedford

Trump routinely deploys all the subversive transgressiveness that campus Leftists claim to value.

Camille Paglia

A lot of the craziness comes from cultural/ethnic issues—rural White Americans who feel they are losing their country, and they are right. They are losing their country. In the end, the power they now have will go away, but it’s a very difficult and dangerous time until then.

Paul Krugman, 2014

The paradox of liberal tolerance is that it extends to Marxists, transsexuals and even Islam extremists, BUT never conservatives or Christians.

Dinesh D'Souza

I use Eros and Logos merely as conceptual aids to describe the fact that woman's consciousness is characterized more by the connective quality of Eros than by the discrimination and cognition associated with Logos.

In men, Eros, the function of relationship, is usually less developed than Logos.

In women, on the other hand, Eros is an expression of their true nature, while their Logos is often only a regrettable accident.

It gives rise to misunderstandings and annoying interpretations in the family circle and among friends.

This is because it consists of opinions instead of reflections, and by opinions I mean a priori assumptions that lay claim to absolute truth.

Such assumptions, as everyone knows, can be extremely irritating.

Carl Jung


  1. Thank you for the quotes. The Paul Krugman takes my breath away. If he considers himself ''ruling class,'' then it is the epitomal expression of a ruling class hostile to its people.

    1. Yes - well said. It's a phenomenon we find everywhere in the developed world today. What is the reason?

    2. Bid: The proverbial People can be seen and heard - say, on Twitter, my favorite medium - and certainly does not look or sound as The People ought to...