Sunday, 10 September 2017

Had Israel not prevented Assad having the bomb, would Syria be at peace now?

Had Israel not prevented Assad having the bomb would Syria be at peace now? 

Or would Syria have made a solitude with the bomb and called it peace? Would an atom bomb be used in a civil war like Syria's, where the populace of any given region probably does not support the forces ruling it?

Interesting questions, which occurred to me reading this article by Zev Chafets, a writer was a senior aide to Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Mr. Chafets thinks Begin's
method of stopping Assad and Saddam developing the bomb is the one the USA should have used with Iran and North Korea. 

I understood that Iran built its nuclear facilities deep underground so that Israel could not touch them. I have read persuasive accounts that the US Iran deal has removed the danger of an Iranian bomb. I do not, of course, know.

Begin is no hero of mine. I rather wish we had hanged him, in fact. He was a terrorist responsible for attacks on the British before 1948 and he supplied Argentina with weapons in the Falklands War. He laughably referred to Margaret Thatcher as 'that anti-semite'. She sat for the most Jewish constituency in England, Finchley, and at one point one third of her cabinet were Jewish. These things, however, are irrelevant to Begin's policy of getting his retaliation in first with hostile neighbours.

Israel regards Syria and Iran as its great enemies, and is more worried about them than Al Qaeda or ISIS. It is informally allied to the Saudis, but I see Saudis and Wahhabism as the bigger enemy. Wahhabism gave us Al Qaeda. To what extent the KSA and the other gulf monarchies helped create ISIS we do not know. Worse than ISIS, in the medium and long term, is that the Saudi monarchy spends billions to spread Wahhabism throughout Europe and the world.

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