Sunday, 5 May 2019

An English primary school tells teachers to stop calling pupils ‘boys and girls’

Leigh North primary school, in my very Conservative home town in Essex, has reportedly asked teachers to stop referring to its pupils as boys and girls. Instead they are to use gender neutral terms for the benefit of kids who are confused about their gender.

Director of children and learning at Southend-on-Sea Council, Brin Martin, is reported in the Sun as saying, 

“Celebrating difference encourages children and young people to respect diversity. It’s not about changing them."
This seems to me absolutely nihilistic, the triumph of unreason and the very antithesis of any sort of theism, yet the bishops say nothing about it and instead gas about climate change. Conservative politicians are equally silent.

In fact, of course, it is of vitally importance to children of five or six to be aware that they are boys or girls.

Here is something as bad. A friend told me he was recently in a Brooklyn toy store and asked for something for his ‘7 year old boy’ and was told ‘We are not that kind of toy store’ by a highly offended woman.

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