Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Amber Rudd is apparently stupid as well as malign

The Times Diary today says that civil servants try to make their advice to ministers so simple that even the least intelligent can understand it after three readings. They called this the Amber Rudd test until she became Home Secretary when it was renamed the Priti Patel test.

But she is now Home Secretary.

So many dim women in politics (think Andrea Leadsom) of whom the dimmest is perhaps Theresa May.

Amber Rudd, who was given her seat in Parliament by David Cameron for diversity reasons, is very bad news indeed. Apart from anything else, and there is very much else, she wants reading extremist material online to be punishable by 15 years in clink.

She is in ardent feminist and even more ardent opportunist. She chaired the Commons group combating female genital mutilation but when she was Home Secretary no prosecutions happened. There has been one so far in British history. Even as a feminist she is a fraud.

Roy Jenkins asked his civil servants how far his cabinet colleagues would have got in the civil service. None were permanent secretary material it seemed. Ernest Bevin would only have been imaginable as a lift operator in the Foreign Office had he not been Foreign Secretary.


  1. 'it was renamed the Pritti Patel test'

    It's Priti.


      Election 2017 Witham Parliamentary constituency

      Priti Patel 31,670 votes 64.3%
      Labour 13,034 26.2%

      I challenge all my colleagues in the Conservative Party and in Westminster: Don't label me as a BME. I've said that to people in the cabinet. I've said that to civil servants. I think it's patronising and insulting.

      I don't like the term BME. I'm British first and foremost, because I was born in Britain.

      Priti Patel