Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Thankfully Bucharest still does not get very many visitors


I am delighted that Bucharest is near the bottom of cities (90th out of 132) ranked in order of number of foreign visitors, according to the recent MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index.

The Romanian capital is expected to receive at 928,028
in 2014 , and they are expected to spend US$391 million. I have no idea how they know since we are only in June but they seem very exact. I wish there were fewer but there we are.


  1. Disagree. The more visitors the better. They will bring additional income to this country which it desperately needs, and what is more they might encourage more investment in infrastructure.

  2. Bucharest is definitely cool, charming, safe and can be edgy, the spring-autumn being the best time, but scratch the surface and there are a lot of frustrating things too (such as the lack of infrastructure, bless Ceausescu for building an underground and shame on those who didn't expand it to cater for the growing city). The Romanian countryside is stunning. Bucharest is a bit flat and the Dimbovita is totally uncharming.

    I appreciate Bucharest, its cultural life, how easy it is to get around the centre, but without its wonderful countryside, Romania would not be half the country she is.