Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The passing of William Hague

William Hague is one of the most brilliant people in politics. When he led his party he swept the floor with Tony Blair at question time every week, though the electorate didn't care.  But when have we had a more disastrous Foreign Secretary? 

Herbert Morrison and Selwyn Lloyd were only undistinguished - Lord Halifax was much better -  Robin Cook was no good but he must be remembered with respect because he resigned over Iraq. Sir Edward Grey who took us to war in 1914? 

Mr. Hague should have been sent to the backbenches for what he did in Libya and wanted to do in Syria. But Mr Cameron was equally responsible and should have joined him.

If only Alan Watkins were still alive. Michael White, whom I always love, sums up Mr. Hague and the rest of the victims of the reshuffle here. I like this comment:
... I was in the Empress ballroom in Blackpool – everyone's favourite conference hall – when he precociously entered politics at 16 by lecturing Mrs T on how to govern when she won the coming election.

Personally, I still think he never recovered from that debut – as Judy Garland once told the Queen Mother about 'Somewhere over the Rainbow':
"Ma'am, that song ruined my life."


  1. Anyone who gets the better of Paul Merton on his own turn, gets my vote.

  2. Perhaps his finest hour: Hague ribs Brown about the prospect of Tony Blair becoming EU President https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Cj1b-rp1E

  3. He's the only one of that bunch of evil weirdos you might have a pint with without shoving the glass in his face. Well maybe a half pint.