Saturday, 24 March 2018

How to fix the Irish border problem

The border between Northern and Southern Ireland and whether it will have to become hard again if the UK leaves the European Economic Area is much in news (the news that people interested in Brexit read). This article by Shanker Singham reveals the interesting information that 87% of Northern Ireland’s turnover represents sales within UK. Just 5% is sales to Eire, 3% to the rest of the EU and 6 % to the rest of the world. So Northern Ireland's primary economic interest is in maintaining the UK single market.

Shanker Singham argues that a customs border would give rise to few problems with
modern electronics. This is a long way from Remoaners' scare stories of planes being unable to land in Europe if we left the EU with no deal.

No deal, by the way, seems increasingly attractive and absolutely certain not to happen which means the EU has Great Britain over a barrel.

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