Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bernard Lewis: Will the future see an Islamised Europe or a European Islam?

Bernard Lewis died at the weekend and I thought it appropriate to republish this from a year ago.

In 2010 the greatest historian of the Middle East, Bernard Lewis, predicted that by the end of the decade Iran would abandon political Islam, while Turks adopted some form of Islamist rule. The old man might yet be right.

He also said in 2010 that Muslims were making their third attempt to conquer Europe, an attempt which seemed to have a much better chance at success than the first two as it took the form of peaceful migration rather than military aggression. 

“The only question remaining for us to answer regarding the future of Europe is will it be an Islamised Europe or a European Islam?"
I suspect that the country that poses the biggest danger to Christendom/Western Christian civilisation is not Iran or Turkey, and certainly not Russia or North Korea, but Saudi Arabia.

ISIS is a very big danger if we overreact to them, as the Americans overreacted to September 11th, and alienate many Muslims in Europe.

But the biggest danger to Christian culture in Europe is the steady stream year by year of Muslim immigrants into Europe.

Many Muslims agree with this analysis by the way, such as the famous Algerian authorBoualem Sansal. So do my Syrian Christian friends who read what refugees says on forums in Arabic.

Catholics pray for the conversion of England to the Church. Muslims likewise want Europe to become Muslim, but they have more chance in a couple of centuries or perhaps sooner of achieving their wish.

I say not a word to disparage Muslims. There's nothing wrong with them - they are often very spiritual and good people - but I want to preserve the nations of Europe and their traditions.

Historians Bernard Lewis and Neagu Djuvara are now both 100 and both think it inevitable that Europe will become Muslim.


  1. Looks that way, unfortunately. Can Eastern Europe escape the trend? Can any part of Western Europe do so?