Monday, 21 May 2018

Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray in a godforsaken world

Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray have much in common. Both are very intelligent, very eloquent, very charismatic. Neither is particularly conservative but common sense is now considered right-wing. Both think like human beings rather than ideologues. Both have flourished on the internet and above all both are trying to find something with which to replace belief in God.

As Douglas Murray put it,

Having been for some years, as Roger Scruton has put it, downstream from Christianity, there is every possibility that our societies will either become unmoored entirely or be hauled onto a very different shore. Very unsettling
questions lie dormant beneath our current culture.

There is, for instance, that question which Ernst Wolfgang Böckenförde posed in the 1960s: “Does the free, secularised state exist on the basis of normative presuppositions that it itself cannot guarantee?” It is rare to hear this question even raised in our societies. Perhaps we sense the answer is “yes” but we do not know what to do if this is the case.

In his book The Strange Death of Europe, he paints a picture of a continent where instead of believing in God we believe in nice holidays.

I remember Sir Roger Scruton advised people that it was a good idea to try to believe in God, which gave me the impression that he too doesn't.

The truth is that conservatism without Christianity is in big trouble. So is civilisation.


  1. Do you believe in a God?

  2. Can't we be moral, just, sensible, and kind to our fellow human beings without Christianity or God?

    1. I'd happily discuss this with you but please leave a name, preferably your real one but if need be a false one - otherwise I'd feel silly.

    2. Discuss it with me. My name is Sandy Cosa and I'm a Romanian living in the UK.