Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mark Steyn is in favour of immigration

Today I saw an interview with Danish TV recorded in September 2010 with Mark Steyn in which he warns that Malmo has been islamised and Jews are leaving as a result. I read something he has written predicting Muslims will be the majority in Germany and the rest of Western Europe. And yet  I come across this also written by him:

‎"As one is always obliged to explain when tiptoeing around this territory, I'm not a racist, only a culturist. I believe Western culture -- rule of law, universal suffrage, etc. -- is preferable to Arab culture: that's why there are millions of Muslims in Scandinavia, and four Scandinavians in Syria. Follow the traffic. I support immigration, but with assimilation. Without it, like a Hindu widow, we're slowly climbing on the funeral pyre of our lost empires. You see it in European foreign policy already: they're scared of their mysterious, swelling, unstoppable Muslim populations." 

Logically he should be in favour of stopping immigration. I assumed he was. 

Charles Moore referred last week to immigration as a 'social catastrophe', one caused by women not having babies. I would a few years ago have been slightly shocked by this.

I suddenly today begin to sense that the Welfare State in which  I long  beleived in has failed completely and its failure will  involve the end of Europe and of Western civilisation. And before this is seen, or even before the consequences of mass immigration are understood, it will be too late.


  1. I restate my view that Mark Steyn is a fraud and a con artist. He deliberately focuses on the allegedly irreversible low fertility of Europeans so as to avoid saying anything useful on Muslim immigration. His explanation is that Muslim immigration is happening because European birthrates are too low to support the “European nanny states” (a safe and convenient culprit) This sloppy lazy explanation is absurd since the vast welfare dependent Muslim communities in France and Britain are evidently not filling labour shortages created by a low native birth rate. If Steyn has any discernable solution at all it is increasing the “native” birthrates, (he is too cowardly to use the word “white”) as though by some mysterious process churning out more native babies is supposed to restore national identity and decrease Islamic birth rates.

    Other weasel like explanations he likes are “secularism” “multiculturalism” “lack of cultural confidence” This is the type of standard obtuseness and dishonesty inherent in neocon thinking, that all the problems stemming from third world immigration come from the West’s left-wing policies and culture, not from the immigration itself. What would abandoning ‘multiculturalism’, ‘political correctness’’restoring civilisational confidence’ involve exactly? He avoids explaining. In the Danish video link he says that Muslims will overhwlem Europe demographically within 2 generation while within the same breath saying the Europeans should try to “assimilate” those overwhelming them which is idiotic and self-refuting. Maybe a way to restore Western confidence might be to stop massive Muslim immigration which encourages Europeans to think that they have no future.

    And when steyn isn’t proposing non-solutions he is indulging in schadenfreude about Europe’s impending destruction. I even remember him saying that he wouldn’t care if there were no Beligans left in 100 years. Also the reasons he gives for preferring the west (e.g. universal suffrage and rule of law) are typical of the neoconservatives who care only about abstract ideas never the substance and culture of a people (except of course if it is the 'chosen people') Of all the pseudo-conservative chest-thumping frauds writing in the mainstream media nobody is more proficient than Steyn in disguising calls for surrender in a language and style that makes him seem like a conservative defender of the West. His popularity is testament to the brain-dead wasteland of ‘conservative’ journalism today.

    Lucas Jervasi

  2. I never replied to this - having disabled my Facebook account (let's see how long I last out) I wondered what you would like Steyn to say that he doesn't say. I remember you pointed out in another place that he never calls for an end to immigration, only for more assimilation, which seems a cop-out, I agree. I also wondered what your take is on this: