Sunday, 3 July 2011

Modest proposals for solving the Greek crisis without costing Europe money

In the 19th century when the world was civilised a bankrupt Greece would have been forced to disgorge one or two islands. It's probably impossible for Greece or any country to leave the euro - a European income tax is more likely. But forced sale of islands is a much better solution. China might happily buy them but ideally Turkey would. Even better, perhaps the Gaddaffi family should buy one for the Colonel to rule as his Elba.

Oh and why not auction the Greek throne (only immensely rich would-be constitutional monarchs need apply)? Greek Orthodox or willing to convert. Good moral character, etc.

They could sell titles of honour too - a billion for a dukedom et al. There could be a Duke of Illyria just like in Twelfth Night.

They could sell the Parthenon marbles. Oh I forgot they already did. Or at least the Turks did. (After Great Britain spent much more on the Greek bailout than we saved in the recent spending cuts, I hope no Greek will ever again dare ask for the Elgin marbles back.)

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