Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt drink a toast

From War Diaries 1939-1945 by Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, p. 487. The date is November 30, 1943. The occasion is a banquet at the Teheran Conference.
"It was a wonderful evening, full of the most witty speeches on the part of Winston, President [Roosevelt] and Stalin. On one occasion, when Winston was referring to political tendencies in England he said the whole political world was now a matter of tints and that England could be said to have now quite a pink look. Without a moment's hesitation, Stalin snapped back "a sign of good health!" The President finished up by returning to the tint theme and said that the effect of this war would be to blend all those multitudinous tints, shades and colours into one rainbow where their individuality would be lost in the whole, and that this whole represented the emblem of hope! It was a fine idea and far better put that I have. Finally by 1:30 am I was able to escape to bed." 

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