Thursday, 4 July 2019

US Southern border has become a party advertised on Facebook


Lionel Shriver is a very good writer. In today's Spectator she (Lionel can be a girl's name in the United States, just as Beryl and Dana can be men) informs us that the US Border Patrol now apprehends 4,200 migrants at the southern border daily, 610,000 a year. 

She thinks, and is probably right, that the Democrats cannot win if all their candidates want to stop deporting illegals but to give them free health care instead. Yet this is the policy of Democrat candidates in their recent debate. She says,
'I felt as if I were watching a 2020 Trump advert, in which these lavish displays of generosity and love for all humankind at American citizens’ expense are certain to feature. 

'You don’t need a PhD in political science to decode that if you never arrest the uninvited, you almost never kick them out, and you throw in free health care to boot, you’re advertising the kind of over-attended, more-the-merrier party that gets so many young people in trouble on Facebook when their parents leave town. Along with Democratic support for immigrant amnesties and pathways to citizenship, these positions amount to an open borders policy. Guess what? Eight out of ten Americans oppose open borders. Some of those folks even vote.'

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