Thursday, 11 July 2019

Say not the struggle naught availeth

"" ‘Britain not ready for no-deal crash-out, claim experts.’ That was a newspaper headline I saw a couple of weeks ago. It unconsciously encapsulates the Remain mindset. You cannot, by definition, be ready for a crash-out: if you were, no crash would be involved."
Charles Moore in today's Spectator.

So far Boris who should have saved us from Mrs May and a world of pain three years ago seems to be clear sighted. We need to stick close to Donald Trump, of whom she so clearly strongly disapproved. 

We also need close friendships with Italy, Poland, Austria, Czechia and Hungary.


  1. Italy and Hungary are economically unimportant.

    1. Hungary is not important and trying to be friends with Viktor Orban might be counter productive, but Italy is part of the G8 and is one of the four big countries in the EU.

  2. Many, many financial problems. The U.K. will need friends with money. Thanks to Donald and the GOP's very responsible tax cuts, the US may run out of cash in about eight weeks, so America might not be the source of as great a deal as Donald and Boris promised.