Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A degree in stationery

Sir Jonathan Miller says the BBC is now run by 

“twerps who all have degrees in Media Studies, which is like having a degree in stationery”. 

This applies to many degrees with 'studies' in the name, especially business studies, women's studies, immigrant studies. 

The internet seems to be saying that Stationery Studies is a course in an Australian university.

As for degrees in 'finance' or 'marketing'..

Sir Jonathan, of course read medicine at Cambridge. Like many left wingers, he is unashamedly snobby. He said he reacted to Mrs. Thatcher as to a perfumed fart. His antipathy was not simply because of her social origins but that played a large part in it.


  1. Trouble is he could be right about the people who run the BBC, as those who have dealings with them would testify. It is truly incredible sometimes.:(

  2. Why append the word Studies to the name of any subject? It surely indicates that subject does not merit academic respect. Why is there no Latin Studies, Medicine Studies etc...