Monday, 11 August 2014

Many Yezidis have escaped, many others massacred


Last night we heard that many of the Yezidis had been enabled to escape from the mountaintop where they were corralled by US and Kurdish feint against the ISIS troops.

Food supplies have been dropped by the US and British air forces although, as usually happens, much of it disintegrated when it hit the ground.

I was against most recent interventions but not Rwanda or Bosnia and we should do something this time. Though this is what I thought - hesitantly - about Libya and how wrong I was. We created this horror in Iraq by invading in 2003 and therefore have a responsibility, unlike in 2003.

Conor Burns, a Conservative MP in England may have been right when he said yesterday that the British Government’s response had not been “hard enough or strong enough” and said Parliament should be recalled to discuss the situation. He said,
“Our brother and sister Christians are being massacred, beheaded, buried alive and we are flying over dropping water and food.”

I am glad that some politicians still refer to “Our brother and sister Christians" in multicultural, polycretistic England. 

I dislike impartially most of the pro- and anti- Israel comments but the comments on the Independent newspaper by thickoes with Muslim names that what was happening to Gaza was worse than what was happening to the Yezidis were utterly disgusting. These troglodytes are probably British.

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