Monday, 1 April 2019

Hoping Britain takes part in the European Parliamentary elections

Obviously it would be excellent if Britain stays in the EU long enough to take part in the European Parliamentary elections, as looks likely - they are a much better way for public opinion to make itself heard than a general election. 

In Euro-parliamentary elections people will vote for small parties without the fear that they will form the government. The elections would be bad news for both Labour and Conservatives, but less so for the Conservatives than a general election. 

All this might be the fault of Mrs May in her autistic way negotiating in secret, without attempting to take her cabinet or Parliament with her. But if hers was the only deal, the EU would ever give us then her autism is only a side-issue.

European Parliamentary elections are bad news for the EU but I have the fortitude to bear their misfortune. They are good news for Salvini, Orban and the rest of the anti-immigration, Euro-sceptic politicians.

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