Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Most of the Tory front bench and a  majority of Tory MPs backed Remain in the 2016 referendum (185 to 138) but they have the task of taking us out, against their will, and becoming forevermore the Brexit party. If they do not do so, I cannot see any future for the Tory party and nor do most of them. But the alternative means an essentially communist government.

The leading British Conservative paper the Daily Telegraph in its leader column today again told the Prime Minister to resign and said the party needs to achieve Brexit and cut taxes to flourish. A few days ago it warned that “to survive” the Tory Party now needs “a populist leader”. It wants someone who can raise morale, take the fight to the hard Left, set out an optimistic vision of the UK after Brexit.

Clearly it had in mind its star columnist Boris Johnson and with all his faults he may be the best man. But fear of him is one of the things that so far has prevented Mrs May from being toppled. I imagine her time is now up. Her strategy now is to do a deal with Labour but Labour have found her untrustworthy and I don't blame them.

I like the idea of the Tories becoming populists. Boris is not very right wing but populist and right-wing are two different things. However Michael Gove might also be a good choice. 

Obviously it has to be someone who campaigned for Leave in 2016.

Mrs May should go immediately so that we have a new Prime Minister to meet Donald Trump on his state visit in June.

Mrs May's evident distaste for his views on immigration are an abiding memory from his last wonderfully comic visit.

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