Wednesday, 3 April 2019

The Pope and the 'neo-rigorist homo-sexophobic reaction' to the sin of Sodom

On the flight back from Morocco, the Pope recommended the press read this article by Gianni Valente, which criticizes the 'neo-rigorist homo-sexophobic reaction' to the cases of priests buggering and sexually assaulting boys and girls (but mostly boys). 

His Holiness is very talkative with journalists in general which makes all the more noteworthy his refusal to comment on the allegations, by Archbishop Vigano, that he informed the pope of credible accusations against Cardinal McCarrick, who helped the Pope be elected and who has since been defrocked.

The new Archbishop of Washington sounds like he is not homo-sexophobic. Homo-sexophobia is definitely of fashion in this papacy. The article I linked to contains the startling information that
Archbishop Wilton Gregory was a protégé of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, who played a leading role in the Gaying of the Catholic Church in America. In a nod to that legacy, Bernardin requested the Windy City Gay Men’s Chorus perform at his funeral. 
Pope Paul VI said in a sermon in 1972 that the smoke of Satan was in the Church. This is still the case.

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