Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Return to Tbilisi

For a long time Cuba was the one country I really wanted to visit. After I made my second visit to Havana I decided that of countries I didn't know only Georgia, Armenia, Albania and, this was before the war, Syria interested me. So I visited and loved all four but Georgia or Tbilisi the best. After Havana I thought it the most interesting city in the world.

I got here last night late and it is as spellbinding as in 2006, but now very much a tourist place. So many gleaming hotels and restaurants. Before I had it to myself. Tourism is one of the most vexatious forms of mass migration and globalisation. But the moving finger writes and having writ moves on. And it really is astonishingly lovely. And tourism is new enough for people still to be innocent and ardent about it. I hope. This is the view from my hotel.

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I hate tourists but Eastern European ones are all right and this place gets lots of Russians. I love Russians. So much more civilised than many other peoples.

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