Wednesday, 1 April 2020

The heretical views of Dr Pablo Goldschmidt

With a flu epidemic the number of people who test positive for the flu climbs up exponentially and then drops. In contrast, 5%-15% of people in all countries test positive in Covid19 tests. German researcher Dr. Richard Capek and others have shown that when more tests are done the absolute number testing positive grows but the proportion testing positive stays the same.

Overall mortality throughout Europe remained at or below the normal range up to March 25, and often significantly below the levels of previous years, except in Italy. Though this of course might change. It’s early days yet. But it does prompt questions.

Only in Italy among people aged 65 and above did the overall mortality rate somewhat increase, but it was still below some previous flu seasons. (Now it is beginning to calm down presumably because of the lockdown.)

In Bergamo and surrounding towns the crude number of deaths this month is up to four times as high as this month last year. Theoretically in Italy as in England all hospital patients dying with the virus are classed as having died of it but most of the excess deaths in the Bergamo area are not recorded as being due to the virus.

I am confused. What is happening in Lombardy?

Certainly Lombardy is seeing a breakdown in geriatric health care as a result of neglecting the health service and possibly of a large number of people with chronic pulmonary disease, the legacy of the asbestos factories that operated in the region until 1992. So

says Argentinian virologist Pablo Goldschmidt, in an interview with a maverick leftish German political magazine, of which I had never heard, called Rubikon. 

He spoke from Monaco where he lives and is currently under quarantine.

It was in Italy, in Lombardy, where most people died of mesothelioma. There were all the fiber cement factories that used asbestos. Until 1992, when it was banned, it was found in roofs and factory isolation. Asbestos was contained in the walls, from which small crystals emanate that can reach the lungs and cause scarring.Mesothelioma is lung cancer caused by asbestosis or asbestos.

Of the autopsies performed in Lombardy in the past ten years, 85 percent were work-related (e deaths). Malignant tumors of the lungs and peritoneum. And until 1992 the use was not prohibited.Lombardy has a population of ten million, most of the workers in the asbestos industry are here - and it is the place with the most asbestos cases worldwide. The asbestos also adheres to clothing and textile fibers. The haute couture of northern Italy is made by dressmakers.

Believe me, between 2000 and 2012, 4,442 malignant mesotheliomas - invasive asbestos lung cancer - occurred, including 2,850 in men and 1,592 in women. And the growth is increasing. This year, there were already 3.6 percent more cases among men and 3.3 among women over 65 compared to previous years. And by 2030 there will be 20,000 more.Is there a connection with the corona virus?

Yes - in this region, which is already punished enough due to a lack of funds, a reduction in the number of beds, the lack of respirators, old people live with lung cancer or other chronic conditions that lead to a viral infection becoming a fatal infection. A lung affected by mineral fibers reacts differently than a healthy one. And it is no coincidence that more people die in an area with asbestos factories.

But the COVID-19 kills more people than the usual flu ...All viral infections can be fatal. The difference is that panic developed here and the others did not. Last year, many people died of the flu and no one curfewed the planet. So what's going on?I ask you: What is happening now?I dont know...But what do you perceive - a conspiracy?

No, you can see something like that immediately. Last year there were 36 million flu cases in the United States. 370,000 were hospitalized and 22,000 died. And no airports were closed. There are 33,000 cases in France - but when 23,000 old people died in old people's homes because of a heat wave, the country was not sealed off either. All of this is strange.That's why I ask again - what do you see?

What I denounce from the start - a serious mistake by the WHO experts. Do you know what "pandemic" means? It does not mean that it is a dangerous or serious illness. It means that this occurs in many countries. There is a cold pandemic every year and nothing is sealed off! Shouldn't all of this be put into perspective?

But the COVID-19 is very contagious, doctor ...

Yes, like a cold - people die of it in old people’s homes. So far, you haven't counted them, but now you do. Last year there were more than 500,000 pneumonia worldwide.In Africa, a million could be infected with meningitis, which is transmitted by spit - and the planes come and go. Nobody cares. There are 135,000 people infected with tuberculosis in Latin America, and none are upset.When someone makes a lot of noise about something like Corona ... I think it is all very dramatized. From day one, I said the numbers were wrong - as was the case with swine flu.

What would you do?

I have no authority to say what I would do. However, I see that there is a lack of training and material. So first of all I would train people for what to expect. If after three weeks they recognize the symptoms of the disease, it will be they who take new measures.Take a look at what's happening in Germany. Mortality is ten times lower because there are pulmonologists and specialists in intensive care for the lungs. All right, let's do courses in Argentina and around the world.

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