Saturday 20 April 2024

My country right or wrong


Patriotism is always a good thing. The problem nowadays is that so many people are very patriotic for foreign countries. I am one of them in the sense of loving Romania passionately. But with one's own country the rule should be "my country right or wrong". With other countries this rule should never apply, but it does. Especially when the other country in question is Israel. 

Americans' patriotism and lack of irony are two of their strengths but American patriotards are very annoying.

Equally annoying, and perhaps equally dangerous, are the people who think patriotism is all right in small doses, like an infection. Western Europe and England are full of them. These people are often globalists.

Patriotism is required by the Fourth Commandment. (Protestants call it the fifth.) Thou shalt honour thy father and mother. 

Of course it applies to immigrants whose mother and father are from another country but it is connected to ancestor worship.

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