Monday 22 April 2024


“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Only press on : no feeling is final.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

"In a general way it's very difficult to become remarkable. People won't take sufficient notice of one, don't you know." Joseph Conrad, quoted by Anthony Powell as the epigraph to his memoirs.

Saturday 20 April 2024

Patrick Cockburn is always interesting

Patrick Cockburn on February 24 in the i newspaper, tweeted that day by Peter Hitchens.

"As an unforced political error, Biden’s mistake over Gaza vies with President George W Bush in invading Iraq in 2003 and President Vladimir Putin ordering Russian troops into Ukraine in 2022. As a military conflict, Gaza might be small, but it has an infinite capacity to destabilise the region and the US itself.

"Israel, helped by the US, has wrecked a status quo in the Middle East that favoured them both and whose destruction they may already rue."

Patrick Cockburn today.

My country right or wrong

Patriotism is always a good thing. The problem nowadays is that so many people are very patriotic for foreign countries. I am one of them in the sense of loving Romania passionately. But with one's own country the rule should be "my country right or wrong". With other countries this rule should never apply, but it does. Especially when the other country in question is Israel. 

Americans' patriotism and lack of irony are two of their strengths but American patriotards are very annoying.

Equally annoying, and perhaps equally dangerous, are the people who think patriotism is all right in small doses, like an infection. Western Europe and England are full of them. These people are often globalists.

Patriotism is required by the Fourth Commandment. (Protestants call it the fifth.) Thou shalt honour thy father and mother. 

Of course it applies to immigrants whose mother and father are from another country but it is connected to ancestor worship.

'The least eventful war ever'

This is how wars generally begin, rather than because of plots by evil men. 

Friday 12 April 2024

The Portuguese banknotes scandal of 1925 and the end of the first Portuguese Republic

This is the fascinating story of Alves Reis that could have been written by William Le Queux, Edgar Wallace or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Even Professor Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime, never dreamt of BUYING the Bank of Portugal with forged notes.

I am staying in the Hotel Metropole in Lisbon where Reis stayed until he had enough "money" for the Hotel Alvenida Palace.

In the story of Aladdin the Chinese empire is gripped by massive inflation because Aladdin was turning so many things into gold. Reis's forgeries created a boom and bust in Portugal which led to a coup against the First Republic and the benign despotism of Dr Salazar. 

Reiss became converted to Protestantism in gaol and converted many other prisoners.

Sunday 7 April 2024

The pursuit of happiness

Five suggestions for how to be happy, based on replies to questionnaires by people who had completed the Bristol University 'science of happiness' course:

Talk to strangers

Spend more of your money on others

Spend time in nature

Count your blessings

Be kind to others.


"Real love simply means being able to say to someone else, 'What are you going through right now?'" Simone Weil

“Everything about this [English] society is disagreeable to me – from its limited way of thinking to its indecent manner of cooking vegetables”. Portugal’s greatest novelist, José Maria de Eça de Queirós (1845-1900), was a Consul in Newcastle and Bristol. He was one of the fairly few famous men to have lived and died in Queen Victoria's 63 year reign: Oscar Wilde and Charles Stewart Parnell are two others that spring to mind.

Saturday 6 April 2024

Franklin Foer says the Golden Age of American Jews began in 1967 and is drawing to a close

Subscribing to centre-left Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz provides me with a critique of IDF actions and the Israeli government that is absent in the UK and Romanian press and leads me to all sorts of interesting things.

Like this very interesting audio discussion with Franklin Foer about how liberalism benefited American Jews after 1967, as set out in his recent Atlantic article The Golden Age of American Jews Is Ending. The Ha'aretz interviewer and he agree that American Jews believe in liberalism as a creed but also as a means to protect Jews.

This sense of security ended when Donald Trump became President. This was despite Mr Trump being the most philo-Semitic and Zionist of American president ever, President Biden possibly excepted.

From the Atlantic article:

Friday 5 April 2024

10 Commandments of Propaganda

A summary by Belgian historian Anne Morelli of Lord Ponsonby's 'Falsehood in War-time, Containing an Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout the Nations During the Great War' (1928).

1. We don't want war, we are only defending ourselves!

2. Our adversary is solely responsible for this war!

3. Our adversary's leader is inherently evil and resembles the devil

4. We are defending a noble cause, not our particular interests!

5. The enemy is purposefully committing atrocities; if we are making mistakes this happens without intention

6. The enemy makes use of illegal weapons

7. We suffer few losses, the enemy's losses are considerable

8. Recognized intellectuals and artists support our cause

9. Our cause is sacred

10. Whoever casts doubt on our propaganda helps the enemy and is a traitor


"I do not believe a word that comes out of your mouth. Your entire policy consists of provoking the Palestinians." Jacques Chirac, 'red with anger', talking to Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The strange superstition has arisen in the Western world that we can start all over again, remaking human nature, human society, and the possibilities of happiness; as though the knowledge and experience of our ancestors were now entirely irrelevant." Sir Roger Scruton

"Love and do what you like." St Augustine

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Before progressives were progressive about race

The Progressive movement in the USA in the first quarter of the last century were not like modern progressives. Carrie Chapman Catt was an American Emily Pankhurst - a leading suffragette who founded the International Woman Suffrage Alliance in 1904. She argued that "White supremacy will be strengthened, not weakened, by women's suffrage" because more white women than black ones would vote.

Monday 1 April 2024


Amnesic 🕊️
It may be slightly inconvenient to remember Extraordinary Renditions, or US ambassador to Tashkent John Herbst being "livid" at the rogue UK ambassador, Craig Murray, for publicising the "not uncommon" practice there of boiling people to death

"Modern man is painfully confused.
He spends his vacation visiting the wonders of what the old world built, yet hates the beliefs that inspired them to build it."
I,Hypocrite (Twitter/X)

Sunday 31 March 2024

Christ is risen!


I wish all my Catholic and Protestant readers Happy Easter!

The Jesus Seminar, a group of liberal, publicity hungry New Testament scholars who were very fashionable in the USA around the turn of the century, disbelieved most of the Gospels, thought Jesus never claimed to be the Son of God and his corpse was probably thrown into a shallow dirt grave, where it rotted away or was eaten by wild dogs.

In fact few non-Christian historians doubt the crucifixion happened (the contemporary Jewish historian Josephus records it) and that something happened very shortly afterwards to create a movement which swept the civilised world.

The non-Christian New Testament scholar Gerd Lüdemann said ‘It may be taken as historically certain that Peter and the disciples had experiences after Jesus’ death in which Jesus appeared to them as the risen Christ.’

These experiences were also enough to lead Peter and Paul to suffer death rather than renounce their faith that Jesus had risen from the tomb and was the Son of God. Their martyrdom under Nero is not questioned by any historian, as far as I ever heard. Peter is said to have been crucified upside down at his request because he did not believe himself worthy of the same death as Jesus, but this seems to be a legend.

The resurrection is the most significant event in the history of not only the West but the world, whether or not you believe it happened.

Talleyrand met a young man at a party who asked him for his advice about how to start a new religion. The renegade bishop turned pagan replied, 'First die and on the third day come again'.

This is a slightly adapted version of what I posted at other Easters.

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Western media do not invent the facts but they invent the news. They are the great threat to peace.

Why is the big story on the BBC and world newspapers the collapse of a bridge in America, a day after it happened? 

If it happened in Pakistan or Chad it would be forgotten at once.

Why did people care about the death in custody of a petty criminal in America three years ago? 

Why was September 11 such a huge story, come to that? 3,000 people died the previous weekend in a natural disaster in Central America.

I allow myself only to skim the news each morning in a few minutes but I was very sad when a friend told me that the Princess of Wales (it is not polite to call Her Royal Highness Kate) has cancer. I wish her a swift recovery. 

Lots of stories, jokes and conspiracy theories had been circulating about her disappearance but I was angered that an Observer writer complained that 'On X, the influence of its “free speech absolutist” owner Elon Musk has been palpable. Among the more publishable conspiracies are the insistence that the footage of the princess was a body double, or that she was in a coma, or recovering from plastic surgery or was, in fact, dead.' 

I was angry because why shouldn't any silly theory be published, if not defamatory or obscene?

I don't remember believing in any conspiracy theory, though after everyone else I realised that Epstein was obviously in some way a blackmailer, working for some nefarious organisation. I don't know for whom. I have no idea if he worked for the Israelis (whom I recently learnt sought to use Monica Lewinsky to blackmail Bill Clinton). 

But what is wrong with people believing in conspiracies? 

I am more worried about people who believe the media.

Such innocent people believed the Ukrainians had a chance of driving the Russian army out of the Crimea and that anyone who suggested a negotiated peace was a Putin apologist and an appeaser. 

They think, unless stopped in Ukraine, Russia will invade NATO countries. 

They think the Houthis were impeding world trade before the Anglo-Americans intervened in the Red Sea. They were only impeding Israeli vessels (with possibly one exception) but thanks to the intervention the Red Sea is closed to traffic.

They think Iran and China endanger the West. They don't, but America does, by exporting Woke and seeking to overturn regimes (including the governments of Nato allies like Hungary and possibly Turkey). 

They imagine Israel was a democratic country going about her business blamelessly on 7 October when, for no reason, evil terrorists suddenly struck, beheading babies and raping women. Evil they may well be but this story starts in 1917. What AJP Taylor said of Hitler applies to Hamas too. "Hitler was a rational, though no doubt a wicked, statesman." 

They think people demonstrating against Israel or shouting 'From the river to the sea' (which is a crime in England) are antisemites. 

They think the Pope is trying to reform the financial and sexual corruption in the Catholic Church. 

Stories of what has been and is happening in the Vatican sound like the insanest conspiracy theories but most have been proven!

But can a cardinal, in order to cover up his financial crimes have tipped off the Australians to arrest Cardinal Pell who was conducting an audit? Cardinal Pell then went to gaol because of untrue allegations of interfering with a boy. I want to say no, of course not, but....

Yet the media do not talk much about this and nor about very many other Vatican scandals, because the liberal Pope is their hero. During Pope Benedict XVI's reign it was very much otherwise. 

And so it goes.

The Western media are controlled by Washington DC and the British secret service and make the world very much more dangerous than it would be without them. 

Rather like NATO.

Friday 22 March 2024


Interviewer: If you lived in the West Bank or Gaza, what would you do?

Ami Ayalon, former director of Israeli Security Agency Shin Bet: I would fight back, I would do everything in my power to secure my liberation. They know they’re the oppressors, they just don’t care.

An outside caterer preparing the nave ⁦of St Edmundsbury Cathedral ⁩ for a Masonic fund-raising dinner tonight


This is normal now in Protestant cathedrals in England. A silent discotheque took place in Canterbury Cathedral recently, which was the shrine in Catholic times of St Thomas a Becket, and the nave of the ancient Rochester Cathedral was used for crazy golf in 2019.

Tuesday 19 March 2024

The World Crisis

'Not even a faint reservation was heard from the IDF's general staff in November, when the commander of the army's 36th Armored Division, Brig. Gen. David Bar Kalifa, issued a handwritten battle directive to his troops, calling on them to take revenge on the Palestinians.

'...Brig. Gen. Barak Hiram not only ordered his troops to open fire on Israeli civilians and blew up a Palestinian university in Gaza without permission, but also stated in an interview with journalist Ilana Dayan right as the war started that Israel's political leadership should refrain from any prospect of a political solution to the crisis. The IDF's chief of staff didn't say a word then either.'

Yagil Levy in Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz today

Sunday 17 March 2024

'Israel Is on the Brink of the Abyss'

'The Shin Bet security service and Military Intelligence "completely failed" to detect what Yahya Sinwar, Hamas' leader in the Gaza Strip, had planned, one defense official acknowledged. "It's also true that a few days before October 7, the consensus of all the intelligence agencies was that Hamas was growing only moderately stronger and hadn't found an alternative" to the cross-border attack tunnels Israel blocked.

'"Nevertheless, the defense establishment's expectation was that if the government continued the judicial overhaul, Bezalel Smotrich continued his life's work of erasing the Green Line [between Israel and the West Bank] and Itamar Ben-Gvir heated up the Temple Mount and the West Bank, it would end in rivers of blood," he added.'

Vladimir Putin at the Valdai International Discussion Club in September 2010

'But I would like to remind you that in the wake of Kosovo we did not recognise the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We stopped short of that. As I said in public quite recently, we "swallowed" it. The only thing that I did at the time was to sign a decree on the development of economic relations with these territories. By the way, that was in line with United Nations requirements, because the UN was against the economic isolation of these territories. That was all. In principle, we were prepared for further dialogue.

'And yet armed forces were used. Some quarters are so fond of shooting and bombing that they thought they would succeed here too. Why did they think that they would succeed here when they had no success elsewhere, in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East? They failed here as well, and those who believe that it is the most effective instrument of foreign policy in the modern world will fail again and again.

'...One cannot behave in the world like a Roman emperor.'

Thursday 14 March 2024


“Hamas leaders know they cannot defeat the IDF militarily. Their only hope is to provoke Israel into killing enough civilians to defeat Israel politically. This is a classic terrorist strategy of provocation. Israel has fallen for it, hard.” Professor Virginia Page Fortna of Columbia University, writing today in Ha'aretz. She is an American political scientist and a specialist in the study of peace negotiations.

Sunday 10 March 2024

“Six times in the past 12 years Netanyahu rejected plans to eliminate the Hamas leadership”

“Six times in the past 12 years [Benjamin Netanyahu] has rejected plans proposed by the heads of Israel’s secret security agency, known as Shabak, to eliminate the Hamas leadership.” 
So writes former Israeli PM and general Ehud Barak this month in the American defence establishment's house magazine, Foreign Affairs

A tale of two rabbis: Eliyahu Mali and Elhanan Beck

From Anadolu Agency (AA), the Turkish state-owned news news agency.

1. Eliyahu Mali

An Israeli rabbi urged the killing of women and children in the Gaza Strip and said he considered it a response to the teachings of halakha, or Jewish law.

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Saudi Arabia's missing princes

'For God's sake let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings.'
Richard II, Act 3, Scene 2.

I missed, in August 2017, these astonishing accounts on the BBC site - they read exactly like a thriller - of three Saudi princes kidnapped in Europe, taken back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and probably executed.

They scarcely made the news and I don't remember them being mentioned when Adnan Khashoggi was murdered.

This is England and America's gallant ally, whom we armed to fight the Houthis.

That sometimes silly former British Ambassador Craig Murray wrote about the cases well.

As he says, Mohammed Bin Salman no doubt thought the death of Khashoggi, in a Saudi consulate in Turkey, would go equally unnoticed, but he wrote for the Washington Post and journalists do not like their colleagues being killed. Meanwhile Erdogan, unlike his European allies, was not prepared to tolerate Saudi political murder in his country.

The Yinon Plan is not important, but Israel wants to be surrounded by failed states and with US help has partly achieved this goal

Ten days after declaring the existence of the State of Israel, David Ben-Gurion told the Jewish army's general staff: “We must immediately destroy Ramle and Lod. ... We must organize Eliyahu’s brigade to direct it against Jenin in preparation for the Jordan Valley. ... Maklef needs to receive reinforcements and his role is the conquest of southern Lebanon, with the aid of bombing Tyre, Sidon and Beirut. ... Yigal Allon must attack in Syria from the east and from the north. ... We must establish a Christian state whose southern border will be the Litani. We will forge an alliance with it. When we break the strength of the [Arab] Legion and bomb Amman we will eliminate Transjordan too, and then Syria falls. And if Egypt still dares to fight, we will bomb Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo.”

Israel did some of those things eventually. 

Sunday 3 March 2024

A 'western military source' quoted by John Helmer, the senior Western journalist in Moscow

“I’m not so sure, as some of the Russian milbloggers are, that the broad front approach [Russian General Valery] Gerasimov is taking heralds a new approach to modern warfare – or operational art, if you like. The push at different points, conserving men and materiel in favour of firepower is being done as much, or more out of political considerations, which include those of a domestic character (Putin’s public support, domestic stability); and also the military objective since Day One of the Special Military Operation — to draw in and destroy as many and as much of the US-NATO manpower and equipment in the Ukraine as possible.”


The body charged by the European Union with restricting freedom of expression on the internet is called the  Agency for Fundamental Rights.

George Galloway and the Decline of the West

I really must not read the British or American newspapers. I have almost given up but I skim and wish I hadn't.

The British Labour party deselected its candidate in the Rochdale by-election for saying that Netanyahu knew beforehand about the Hamas attack on 7 October.

This was anti-Semitic, said the Labour Party, without explaining why. 

Predictably the seat which Labour could not contest, because it was too late to nominate someone else, was won by the pro-Palestinian ex-Labour firebrand George Galloway. 

This is said to be a dark day for democracy because now there will be a pro-Palestinian member of the British Parliament. 

Thursday 29 February 2024

Today is February 29th

Today is February 29th, the day when in England by tradition women are permitted to propose marriage to men. 

I intend to stay home and not answer the telephone or read messages until the danger period has passed.

It must have been on 29 February 1976 that I read in the Peterborough column in the Daily Telegraph, over breakfast before school, that it was the 21st birthday of Frederick, hero of Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera The Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty

Tuesday 27 February 2024

NY Times reporter Anat Schwartz, who wrote articles about Hamas rapes, was in Israeli military intelligence

Mondoweiss has published an article that everybody interested in the horrors in the Holy Land should read, regardless of which side they are on, if either. 

New York Times reporter Anat Schwartz, who wrote articles about rapes by Hamas, is an Israeli who has served in military intelligence.  

'There are screenshots of her “liking” certain posts that repeated the “40 beheaded baby” hoax, and that endorsed another hysterical post that urged the Israeli army to “turn Gaza into a slaughterhouse,” and called Palestinians “human animals.”' 

Saturday 24 February 2024

We have met the enemy and he is us

"The extent of the continuing mayhem resulting from CIA operations gone awry is astounding. In Afghanistan, Haiti, Syria, Venezuela, Kosovo, Ukraine, and far beyond, the needless deaths, instability, and destruction unleashed by CIA subversion continues to this day. The mainstream media, academic institutions, and Congress should be investigating these operations to the best of their ability and demanding the release of documents to enable democratic accountability."

Jeffrey Sachs, a distinguished America economist. The whole article is

Saturday 17 February 2024

Massacres in Palestine have continued since 1921, thanks to A.J. Balfour

The Jews lost 6,373 people, about 1% of the Jewish population of Palestine, in the 1948 war. 

I read that 4,000 were soldiers and the rest were civilians but elsewhere that Arabs killed 346 Jewish civilians and POWs.

According to leading Israeli historian Benny Morris the Yishuv (which became the Israeli army) committed twenty-four massacres in which they killed roughly 800 Arab civilians and prisoners of war. 

I read that 1,732 Arabs civilians were killed by Jews but I have no idea if this is true. The total number of Arab soldiers and civilians who died is said to be somewhere between 4,000 and 15,000. 

More than 500,000 Palestinian Arabs were ethnically cleansed.

There were between ten and eighty massacres committed in total by both sides, according to Wikipedia, which is not very precise.

Dreadful war crimes were committed by Jews in the 1948 war, including murdering babies, to which people who sympathise with the Arabs rightly draw attention, comparing them with the false stories of babies beheaded or burnt alive spread recently by Israelis. 

Such people are disingenuous if they do not add that Arabs also did plenty of dreadful things. 

The massacre by Hamas of up to 600 or more civilians in October last year and the slaughter of at least 2,000 Arab civilians in Gaza since are part of a story that goes back to 1921. 

This is what the media do not mention and which the public does not understand, unless they have looked into and studied the tedious issue.

One country is completely to blame - mine, England, and the all too languid, over-intelligent Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour. 

Friday 16 February 2024

Israel-Hamas conflict quotations

Chris Van Hollen (Democrat Maryland) addressing the US Senate: “Kids in Gaza are now dying from the deliberate withholding of food ... That is a war crime. It is a textbook war crime. And that makes those who orchestrate it, war criminals.” Then the senator voted for military aid to Israel.

Thursday 15 February 2024

The words of 102 year-old Franco-Jewish philosopher Edgar Morin, a distinguished French savant who fought in the Communist resistance

 The film clip is here.

"I am both astonished and outraged by the fact that those who represent the descendants of a people who were persecuted for centuries for religious or racial reasons... That the descendants of this people who are today the decision-makers of the State of Israel, that they could not only colonize an entire people, partly drive them out of their land and seek to expel them for good... But also, after the massacre of October 7, engaged in a real massive slaughter on the populations of Gaza and continue, incessantly, hitting civilians, women, and children.

Sunday 11 February 2024


"The war in Ukraine is just a diversion from the real war against us." Laura Ghisoni, last summer

"Every day is once in a lifetime." Ayesha. No, I don't know who she is. Also coined by 
Mac McAnally

“I think that Meghan must have been incredibly envious and then jealous of Kate. I heard Meghan actually thought she was going to be a princess and live in Windsor Castle. Instead, there’s William and Kate with this beautiful house, while they are stuck in Nottingham Cottage which Harry used to call ‘my hovel’.” Ingrid Seward, editress of Majesty magazine and royal biographer

Friday 9 February 2024


So it turns out the US president can be an actual, literal dementia patient and the US empire will trudge on completely unhindered by this. Literally anyone could be president and it would not matter. A coma patient could be president. A jar of kalamata olives could be president.

"This world is concrete – it cannot be described in the abstract unhistorical language of the socialist or liberal theorist without removing the skin of significance that renders it perceivable" Sir Roger Scruton, How to Be a Non-Liberal, Anti-Socialist Conservative 

America blew up the German pipeline last year, which is an act of war. The media is sublimely incurious.

For me Putin's stated opinion settles it. The cui bono principle limits it to the US and the Ukraine and the Ukraine does not have the means. YET NOBODY IN THE PRESS DISCUSSES THIS.

TUCKER: "Who blew up Nordstream?"
PUTIN: "You, for sure."
TUCKER: "I was busy that day."
PUTIN: "You personally may have an alibi, but the CIA has no such alibi."
TUCKER: "Wouldn't you present evidence and win a propaganda victory?"
PUTIN: "In the war of propaganda, it is very difficult to defeat the US, because the US controls all the world's media."

But then Kissinger thought that Ukraine did it.

Disillusioned former CIA man John Stockwell, in his testimony to the US Congress in 1976, explained that with Operation Mockingbird the CIA had taken over the English speaking media and were on their way to completing the takeover of French and Spanish speaking media. If you seek Operation Mockingbird's monument read the newspaper or watch the BBC. 

Many left-wing journalists are very much part of the CIA/MI6 sphere of influence.

Stockwell came to think the CIA efforts were counterproductive and harming a lot of people in its "secret wars" overseas. It seems to me that nowadays almost everything the US does is pointless and counterproductive. They should stay at home and guard their border.

Thursday 8 February 2024

This interview is hilarious and terribly shocking

Nobody is going to sanction Tucker Carlson for interviewing Putin - that is a non-story and he deserves congratulations on his scoop -but this interview is hilarious and terribly shocking. How very low US journalism has fallen.


"Vivamus, moriendum est." ("Let us live, since we must die.") Seneca

"The nation that copies another is lost." Bismarck

"Ah, let those who don’t exist travel! . . . Travel is for those who cannot feel. . . . Only extreme poverty of the imagination justifies having to move around to feel." Fernando Pessoa

Monday 5 February 2024

Private Pike has died

Ian Lavender, the stupid boy Pike, has died. 

When Philip Madoc died his obituaries covered respectfully his distinguished career as a Shakespearean actor but concentrated on the one scene from Dad's Army, where he played the German submarine commander captured by the Walmington Home Guard, which is now integral to the British myth.  So do Lavender's.

An article in the Guardian once said that the cult of Dad's Army was a function of nostalgia for a time when Britain was all white and unencumbered by the European Union. 

She was not yet an American satellite either. 

Sunday 4 February 2024

In 1973 Nixon saved Israel and then stopped the Israelis fighting - this time Biden does neither.


I listened to Professor John Mearsheimer in an interesting but very depressing conversation about the hopeless position in which Ukraine is - he says Orban is right to object to giving Kiev 50 billion as their cause is lost and much of the money will be stolen - and the cruelty and lawlessness of the Israeli state.

Things they said

St Francis de Sales said it is a young woman's duty to find a husband and décolletage is not sinful in an unmarried woman but is for a married one. Any other questions about moral theology please ask me.

"People who think of conservatism as oppressive and dictatorial have some deviant example in mind, such as fascism, or Tsarist autocracy. I would offer in the place of such examples the ordinary life of European and American communities as described by 19th century novelists." Sir Roger Scruton

"People are drawn to religion by their consciousness of consciousness, by an awareness of a light shining in the centre of their being." Sir Roger Scruton

I am in the cool gang

The squares are now left-wing.

Thursday 1 February 2024


"When once you find a woman gluttonous expect of her very little virtue." Dr Johnson

"Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life." Cecil Rhodes

“'I don’t believe,’ said Mr Prendergast, ‘that people would ever fall in love or want to be married if they hadn’t been told about it. It’s like abroad: no one would want to go there if they hadn’t been told it existed. Don’t you agree?'” Waugh's Decline and Fall

Monday 29 January 2024

Trying to find out what is happening, there is just no point in reading the papers any more

A US military source told John Helmer:

“If there’s no coincidence, and if this isn’t a lucky strike for the Arabs, then this may reflect a step-change up in Russian military assistance to the Iranians. Maybe Tower-22 was selected as a small target for demonstration effect, so as to send a message about the bigger targets, Al-Tanf and Muwaffaq Salti. Hitting them next makes ‘regional war’, and then US ground forces are going to be in the thick of it — the Biden Administration will have a new war on its hands — and bodybags, instead of votes, for Election Day. “
No point in reading the papers any more for important stories. Even the Guardian in its account of the suicide attack on Tower 22 links to the arch neo-con Atlantic Council and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Wikipedia says 'The Washington Institute for Near East Policy is a pro-Israel American think tank'. Instead Helmer looks well informed.

M. K. Bhadrakumar says Tower 22 was a spy station with which the CIA gathered information useful to Israel.

Caitlin Johnstone makes a very important point. 
"The Biden administration immediately claimed the attack was backed by Iran, with profoundly influential news agencies like AP and Reuters regurgitating this claim as established fact in their headlines immediately thereafter. As DeCamp notes in the aforementioned article, back in October a US official acknowledged to CNN that that there’s actually a “persistent intelligence gap” as to how much these Shia militias are in fact beholden to the orders of Tehran, but apparently this attack being linked to Iran is now being treated as established gospel truth anyway."

Three American soldiers killed by drone strike in Jordan

I got it wrong - the top secret American base on the Jordanian-Syrian border is just inside Jordan and is there legally. It is said to be a 
CIA station for spying and covert operations, at the moment to assist Israel.

Three American soldiers in the base were killed by a drone. 

The US garrison nearby across the Syrian border is illegal. The Americans were there originally to destabilise the government of Syria, but perhaps now to keep an eye on Iran and Iraq. 

The Americans have no more right to be in Syria than the Russians have to be in Ukraine.

Iran attacked Baluchi terrorists or bandits or freedom fighters in Pakistan recently, which was said by fools to be an act of aggression. It was one, of course, but in retaliation for a similar raid by the Pakistani army last month in Baluchistan in Iran, in which 11 Iranian policemen were killed.

To read the British press this morning you'd think it was Iran that is the aggressor but what is America? 

What right had Hillary Clinton days before she lost the 2016 election to say that regime change in Syria would be her top priority? 

Do you imagine that America and Israel are not doing what they can to effect regime change in Iran?

I think the Western intervention in 1990 against Iraq was a good thing. How has subsequent interference in the Middle East by the US , UK  or France benefitted anyone, except possibly Israel that wants to be surrounded by failed states?

Sunday 28 January 2024