Wednesday 20 January 2016

Lord Weidenfeld, a notable asylum seeker, on Muslim immigrants

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The silence of the feminists: the dog that didn't bark in the night

Feminists, I hope, will be reminded of Cologne every time they talk about rape for many years to come. I hope worse things do not happen for them to ignore.

The almost complete silence from feminists about the events in Cologne on New year's Eve 
has been deafening. Feminists talk about a non-existent Western rape culture but not about sex crimes committed by Muslims throughout Europe, which are now suddenly being openly discussed in the previously craven press. 

Click here for a Guardian article that does touch gingerly and laughably on the subject, no doubt written on the orders of the editor. (The writer muses about whether the affluence of young German women, evidenced by their mobile telephones, led to the assaults.) 

Yet when, during a recent television interview, a cricketer asked a woman journalist to

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Cologne changes everything

I am very pleased that migrants committed the Cologne mass sexual assaults this New Year's Eve and not in two or three years' time, when millions more refugees had been admitted to Europe. The same logic makes me grateful that Muslim fanatics murdered many innocent people in Paris in November, rather than waiting ten years. 

Cologne might be of lasting and huge significance to European history. Europe, or rather

Monday 11 January 2016

Algiers is uncooked

I thought of several distant countries to visit at Christmas time when nothing happens for two or three weeks. In the end England seemed more appealing and a short-haul or medium haul trip to somewhere warm on Boxing Day. I was resigned to going somewhere unadventurous like Malta when suddenly I thought of and immediately decided on Algeria. Looking it up I found that not only was it pretty cheap to get to but, to my disgust, Her Majesty’s Government no longer advised her subjects not to visit. Only the great south, the Sahara, was to be avoided.

For countries to be interesting they must, of course, fulfil two criteria. Getting a visa should be difficult and/ or time consuming and, when you tell people you are going there, they should warn you that you might be killed. Algeria fulfilled both these two.