Thursday 9 May 2024

'If we lose the intellectual debate, you will not be able to deploy any army in the west, ever.' It turns out pro-Palestinian material IS the reason the US Congress wants to ban TikTok.


These remarks are so revealing. 

Alex Karp (who's a Democrat) and Mitt Romney are obviously right, even though we were told that what the latter said was a dangerous conspiracy theory that undermined faith in democracy. 

Senator Romney has substantiated the theory and it does.

I quote what Caitlin Johnstone published today. She is a socialist and a first class journalist in a word where very few exist. For Middle Eastern and much world news left-wing journalists are by far the most trustworthy.

Video clips are here and here.

'During a vitriolic rant about university demonstrators at the Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security on Tuesday, Palantir CEO Alex Karp came right out and said that if those on the side of the protesters win the debate on this issue, the west will lose the ability to wage wars.

'For those who don’t know, Palantir is a CIA-backed surveillance and data mining tech company with intimate ties to both the US intelligence cartel and to Israel, playing a crucial role in both the US empire’s sprawling surveillance network and Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. Karp is a billionaire who sits on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group and regularly features at the World Economic Forum and other platforms of plutocratic empire management. 

'“We kind of just think these things that are happening, across college campuses especially, are like a sideshow — no, they are the show,” Karp said during his rant. “Because if we lose the intellectual debate, you will not be able to deploy any army in the west, ever.” 

'Everyone should listen very carefully to Karp’s words here, because he’s giving the whole game away. He’s making it very clear how crucial it is for the empire to stomp out this protest movement and the zeitgeist upon which it rides, because the very existence of the imperial war machine depends on it. At a time when most imperial spinmeisters are trying to dismiss the importance of this movement and what young people are doing on college campuses around the world, this is a really extraordinary admission from someone who lives deep in the guts of the imperial hydra. 

'Such conferences are great for obtaining useful information from swamp monsters that you don’t normally hear, because when they’re surrounded by like-minded empire goons they tend to get a lot more loose-tongued than they are when they’re more aware that they have an audience of normal people. 

'We saw this illustrated again in a conversation between Senator Mitt Romney and Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the McCain Institute last week, during which both acknowledged some facts that generally go unstated by such creatures. After bemoaning Israel’s lack of success at “PR” regarding its Gaza assault, Romney just came right out and said that this was “why there was such overwhelming support for us to shut down potentially TikTok or other entities of that nature” — with “us” meaning himself and his fellow lawmakers on Capitol Hill.'


  1. 'Meanwhile, left-wing organizers—on issues related to Palestine and beyond—have found success on TikTok, as the platform is currently one of a few social media environments that are not actively suppressing news content. They have voiced concerns about the impact of a TikTok shutdown for months, without speculating as to the motivation. Romney’s statement is an accelerant, implying that the app is being shut down for that very reason. And TikTok itself is now suing the government over the ban, alleging abrogation of free speech, in a suit that will likely make note of Romney’s comments too.'


  3. Tik Tok is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party Dictatorship - what it pushes in America is totally different from the sort of messaging it pushes in China, what it pushes in America is designed to undermine America. Not everything is about the Jews - and this matter is not about the Jews.

    1. You adduce no evidence for China using TikTok to undermine America and I doubt it. Anyway, let everyone have free speech. Senator Mitt Romney has said the purpose of the law is to suppress pro-Arab stuff and he should know.